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Just sign up to Streetlife, it looks great. I love getting invoived in the whole community stuff.
Anything exciting going on in the Pinewood area?


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Isaac H
There's a tescos near by... thats about it really ...
Hayley J
welcome to streetlife Anaick
Liz L
Hi Ana

Welcome to a great area, good buses, walks, and neighbours...
Pinewood Community Centre has some events on- check them out. Our central library in Northgate Street has many events and activities suitable for all ages. There are schools in the area with sports/fitness facilities, e.g. Chantry, Stoke High and One. The buses are regular so you can get into town cheaply and regularly and enjoy a wider range of activities. The shops are fine but shops although Asda does do a mean pizza if you fancy the occasional treat
Fancy an allotment?  Good exercise.
James M
I'd love an allotment since the garden is full of chickens, but I know I don't have the time to make best use of it.  Would be amazing to be almost self-sufficient in things like leeks and onions and potatoes, as well as some of the harder-to-grow stuff like asparagus.
It's a great life.  Hard work but profitable and weather reliant.  We have found that some people think that when they take on an allotment it will all be cleared and tidy ready for them to plant.  Not so.  Lots of digging needed.

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