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March U3A

March U3A exists for over fifites with enquiring minds. The monthly meeting is 2pm on the second Wednesday of the month at the Community Centre, Staion Road. Next Wednesday some members will be recounting unusual experiences when abroad, including one member's family marooned in New York by Hurricane Sandy. As well as the monthly meeting there are many special interest groups as well as theatre and other trips.
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Julie H
Hi Harry -could you tell me  what are the special interest groups are?
Harry J
Trying to scan the full list into here but failing so far. Meanwhile go to
I'm with March U3A
Jackie B
Hi Harry,thank you for the link to u3a. I am very interested in joining & will contact someone on Monday,Many thanks Jackie
Harry J
Your interest coincides with the monthly meeting so best to come to the community centre main hall Station Road between 1.30 and 2 Wednesday and say you are thinking of being a new member. A welcomer will enrol you as a 'Taster' for that meeting and provide you with information. (Usually there is a guest speaker. This session members will be recounting travel experiences.) See you there.
I'm with March U3A
Julie H
Hi Harry, thank you for the link to U3A, I shall be investigating the quilters group.
Best wishes Julie
Fen Nav inactive
Hello Harry
I am working on a project called community navigators- details attached. I would welcome the opportunity to attend one of your general meetings with a view to recruiting a volunteer or two for this project. This worked very well at the Chatteris group. If you want to know more please get in touch either here or direct through the email address attached. I look forward  to hearing from you
Harry J
Fen Nav
Could you send this same message to please with the attachment so I can forward it to the committee. Our speaker organiser can then contact you.
I'm with March U3A

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