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purse snatchers

Be carefull in stratford pick pockets are about.i had my purse took from my bag last night in the 99p shop in the mall.took me money.banj cards plus other cards.the police are going to ring me and give me a crime number upset i a pensioner well a young one but i dont know where to put ne money purse.bag deep pockets in coat.
So please be vigilant.


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Barbara L
always be carefull if u go in and out of a bank or have used the cash machine there is gangs of pickpockets watching you 

glad u are safe tho
Jenny L
Thank you
will b very carefull now
hope their fingers rot
Ashley S
So sorry to hear what happened to you. It's awful that people think it's ok to do that to people!!! Hope you're not too shaken up x
Rupert A
I wonder if the 99p shop had CCTV footage?
Jenny L
Looks like they have but are they working?
Dee S
I am sorry this happened to you must have been such a shock, that horrible feeling when you think your purse has gone and I know the relief when you do find it, unfortunately yours has gone, these people who do this, especially to pensioners are beyond contempt.
Sorry but I never go to Upton Park for this very reason, I too am an OAP and figure these pickpockets are cleverer and quicker than I am.
Always try and go inside your bank to withdraw cash not in the street, saying that my card was cloned at the Asda garage in Beckton where they dont take cash and it was an Asda credit card too, what a shock when I got my statement and 2 grand had  been withdrawn, it took over 6 months for Asda to sort it out including calls from the Asda debt collector !
Jennifer L
Im so sorry that happened to you.all that money.makes my £19 look like peanuts.scum they are.
Barbara L
most of thease people are  eastern european  and pros i also get fed up with the beggers up east ham high street and there are the same gang and thay do know what thay are doing 

sorry dee what happened to u hun
Pat L
I am sorry that this has happened to you, I know to well how much of a pain in the arse it can cause, as i myself have had my pocket picketted on a 104 bus coming home from work, the best way to stop it happening again is to have a fake purse and fill it with buttons etc so they look and feel like money but have your real purse concealed on you, the people who took my purse was 3 East Europeans and all they did which was stupid was to cut my coat with a cut throat razor, took my purse until i managed to get it off them by making sure that they gave it back to me, so he threw my purse along with the blade with his fingerprints and he got arrested a week later after being recognised again up East Ham high street with a new phone, good luck and just be careful and vigil with the people around you, I know I am more
Dee S
Jennifer L at least my money was only on paper but at the time I was so worried I would have to pay it back.Suggest you buy an old fashioned "bum bag" and wear that. My mum used to put her shopping money down her girdle it was ever so embarassing when in the middle of M&S she would suddenly put her hand down her skirt and bring out money like a magician.
Jennifer L
Lol best way tho.or yr bra

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