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Black and white cat

There is a nice black and white (male) cat that visits me in a road behind the High Road.  He comes in through my cat flap.  He once wore a collar so think he belongs to someone.  

He has short legs and a broad face.  He is welcome  to visit here but if he belongs to you or you know who he does belong to please let me know.  I wouldn't like anyone to "pinch" my cat!


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Linda B
Jill B - I have a good deal of experience with stray cats while volunteering for the RSPCA. Often people will put a collar on a cat even if its not thiers. In addtion many people are being evicted and they sometimes just leave the cat thinking it will cope. It won't. The important thing is that he is obviously seeking food and companionship so he needs help. The first thing to do is to take him to a vet and get him scanned for a microchip. They won't charge you for this. If you are in Ilford you have the Goddard Vets in Green Lanes or Vets 4 You in Dagenham. If he has a microchip the vet can scan him and get the owners name and address if he is lost. if he doesn't have a microchip the vet can ring the RSPCA (C4)and get a voucher to neuter/sterilise him (which will prevent him from spraying, fighting with other cats and avoid disease and road accidents). He would go into the vet in the morning and come out the same day. Its a very simple operation performed under aenesthetic and takes about 10 minutes. If he has fleas/worms or any injuries they can treat him for that after getting funding from the RSPCA. If you want to keep him just tell the vet or other than that ring your local RSPCA (you can find the number online) and put him on the list for re homing. Hope you do keep him. If you need any more information please call 03000121212 or 079 585 78 151 most evenings. Lucky cat having you look out for him. Let us know what happens.
Linda B
PS. You could put up notices in your area, ring local vets, local RSPCA and the Cats Protection league to see if anyone reported him missing. Unfortunately in my experience a very low percentage of cats that don't have a microchip have an owner looking for them. But you never know.
Jill B
Thanks for advice - have done this in the past and ended up adopting 2 cats (now sadly no longer with us).   The cat in question has not been around for two days now  but will await his return.  Hopefully he's gone back to his owner - he looked well fed - cats do sometimes seem to like a second home - I have two other cat visitors who I know have homes elsewhere!  

Not sure if it was clear that I (and the cat) am in Seven Kings.
Lindsey B
I had a note thru my door yesterday ..i am in Arundel Gardens , of a lost cat.  A bigger than average black cat with a white patch on his throat. He is 14 years old. The owner lives in Green Lane. He has been missing since friday 4 th Jan...This couldnt be the same cat could it??? He has no collar but is microchipped...
Jill B
Thanks, Lindsey B. 

Ironically, I haven't seen this cat since Friday.  Not sure if it is the same one as this one is white under the chin with a big black smudge there and does seem younger.  However, if he comes back I will keep you posted and perhaps send me a private email so I can get in touch with the owner to check.  I am still working out how to send emails via this system and the finer points of using the site!  

We get lots of cats around here as it is a bedsit/flat area, I think some people move and leave them behind!
John C
Anyone know what's going on at Grove Road Chadwell Heath this afternoon as the road was blocked and police vehicles everywhere from 4 pm till now.
Jill B
Sorry - don't know about Grove Road, but to return to subject of the black and white cat, neither I, nor my neighbour have seen hide nor hair of him, but since he disappeared the day after I wrote my message, I can only hope that someone has reclaimed him, or informed the owner.  I do not like to think the worst, but knowing cats, he could turn up again at a later date!

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