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Help please - mice!

Any body can help me: i have got mouse in my house  , i have tried many things to clear it but there are very smart, not going in the mouse trap and donot have any idea how to get rid of it.

Apriciate your help.


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Gosh I feel for you.  As I said you can get the tubes of glue from nine elms market (the pet food stall - ask them for it specifically).  Where you notice their dropping the most, get some cardboard and bait the center area with bird seed mixed with chunky peanut butter.  Around the edge of the cardboard (around 50mm in) squeeze out two circular rows of the sticky glue around the mix.  Make them about 20-30mm apart.  It should be enough to attract them to your trap so that you can eliminate them.  You can do this in a couple of places and your problems will be solved sooner.  Mice usually stick to the edges of your walls and counters.  The bigger the cardboard the better.  To save on glue don't make the trap any larger than 300mm in diameter.  Check your traps frequently so you can deal with any that are caught as quickly as possible. 

Linda R

The stuff they sell in shops is just not strong enough to get rid of them completely. You will have to get a reputable pest control firm in and as they are licensed pest controllers the materials they use are guaranteed to work. My husband has had his own firm METROKILL for over 20 years and also takes his Jack russell dog with him on a lot of jobs and he will sniff out the access point where they are coming in and a lot of times catches them too! He can be contacted on 0208 764 4216 / 07971 296 770. His name is Fred and he can do weekend and evening appointments too and is reasonable, no call out charge and a follow up visit if needed.

Robin M

Interesting analysis, Lucy S, but I have to disagree that humane traps are also cruel, along with all the other methods.  When I released the mouse in the cemetery I felt it was getting the chance to return to its natural habitat - mice are wild creatures after all.  Either it will thrive or it will fall victim to a predator, in which case it will provide a meal for a fox or owl or similar - but that's just part of nature too.  I'll stick to humane traps I think.

Colin D

Lucy S I must also disagree humane traps are fine and as Robin pointed out the mice can live out their natural life.

                                                                     I must say however the sonic plug in worked well it takes about a week but the mice do move on. I have had mice three times each time when builders have been working on neighbours houses and each time they leave when I plug in the boxes. 

There really is no need for Glue traps i urge people to spare a thought for the poor mice and do not use them they are cruel and stressful and cause a great deal of pain. So please think before you use these nasty things.

I thank you on behalf of mice everywhere

caroline w

I shudder at the thought of glue traps.  I had mice once or, rather, I think it was one mouse.  I caught it in a humane trap, took it a mile or so away and released it.  And I didn't have a mouse any more.

Sometimes, things are not such a problem as we imagine.


Does anyone know how to get rid of the glue if it gets onto a wooden floor - our trap didn't work but the cheese fell off it and stained the floor, no amount of scrubbing seems to work.

Derick Farmer

Try using chocolate on the mouse traps instead of cheese they love it.


Not all mice are chocoholics. We tried all sorts of chocolate and they ignored it all.

Robin M

Sorry to hear about your floor, emmsar - just proves that glue stuff really is evil!



By the way, I just remembered what the girl who came to clean my house said: get a snake, she has a python that keeps her house clean of all mice. Perhaps one could borrow a snake for a couple of days to get rid of the mice!

steven c

I had mouse problem last year and caught 2 using those plastic traps bated with dolcelatte, I'm sure any blue cheese would do. Then I blocked some gaps under the sink with wire wool, I have not seen any mice since. Good luck.

Colin D

emmsar. Thats what you get for using Glue traps. Must be revenge of the Mice


You are right Colin. But that doesn't help with my problem unfortunately!


I've used methylated spirits for getting glue off my slate floors plus it also say it's good for stains.  I've found that baking powder works well for drawing out stains on my wooden table tops so you could try that.  I usually buy the baking powder toothpaste and just smear it over the stained area and leave it to dry.  Most times it only takes 1 application.  This works great on water stains as well.  Just remember to polish afterwards to replenish the wood.

Colin D

No emmsar you're right no help with your issue. However it may serve as a warning to others not to use vile glue traps. I am not being glib or laughing at your misfortune just made me smile no offence meant sorry.

Nadine P

Wandsworth council pest control is the cheapest, they come out several times for about 80 quid. We had terrible mice problems and I think a combination of the poison they put down, the sonic plug ins we bought and metal wire in the grates have kept them away. The only problem now is I keep hearing something scurrying under the floorboards and it's way too loud to be a mouse (unless there's a herd of them) I'm at a loss as to what to do there and my imagination ain't helping!

Freyja W

WBC Pest Control service poisoned my dogs and I still have mice. Their bait boxes are dangerous to children and animals. I would strongly advise staying away from their services. They will not inform you of what can happen as they have accepted no responsibility for the incident and deny that they are at fault.

SickOfCorruption inactive

You'll find it's a seasonal thing with the mice (well, I did) and in a few weeks they'll be out until October. A good time to seal entrance points. Do your best to avoid 'kill first' suggestions. Mice are OK and easily managed when handled intelligently with kindness. See other posts and good luck. Remember the mice are absolutely terrified of frightened giants. Go easy.

caroline w

I agree with DaftAida.  I've had mice (and often it's just an odd one) but they seem to pass through and move on.  Often, with modern society's obsessions with cleanliness,they get into our heads more than they are in the house.

Robin M

DaftAida is absolutely right.  I once shouted at a mouse I saw in my house.  It looked completely terrified, shot out at lightening speed and was never seen again.


The mouse we had certainly got into my head. I think there was only one (on that occasion) but it lived in our bedroom and I could hear it rustling at night. I had enough sleep depravation with two babies, never mind the mouse adding to it. Realising it was in my bedside drawers was enough to tip me over the edge! My newborn slept in our room and the thought of the mouse in his crib made my skin crawl I'm a vegetarian and mostly a pacifist, but I wanted the mouse gone by whatever means.

Liz M

Plug in sound mice deterant from Lakeland plastics really workes in our church hall best wishes and good luck with it:)

Liz M

Lake land no longer does one but I'm sure your garden centre/diy store does it is a bleeper that has a high pitch sound that mice hate, they run a mile - no one killed - no ghastly bodies - all quite safe - haven't seen one in 5 years since I put it in the church hall:) safe for children too - available on amazon and lots of places:)

mungomuffit inactive

Having mice seems to be a rite of passage for living in Balham!

I am also vegetarian and been pro animal rights since I was 14 (I'm MUCH older now)! I tried living with the mice for months but I'm afraid I called it a day when I found droppings on the kitchen table every day and the smell of mouse urine on my young children's toys. When it was a choice between the mice and my children's health/my sanity I chose the latter and called in the experts (can't remember the name of the firm now).

I hasten to say I tried all the other options before calling them in (except glue traps - I find them horrific) but none of them worked.

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