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Julian Graves ex shop

The Julian Graves shop front is so miserable as it is.  A subdued colour will enhance the road.  As the council allowed the church in the High Street to fit glass doors which are more than inappropriate to the area, how can they object to these proposals? I am sure that any structural advances will probably be in better taste.  They could hardly be worse!


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Barnacle Bill
I certainly agree - it does look somewhat dingey. Such a shame that the tenants pulled their plans to improve the frontage and a shame so much fuss was made by the 'objector' posse.

What snobjectors didn't realise, of course, was that the covered area fronting the 'set back' entrance is regularly used by the drunks, that wander up and down Church Street on Friday and Saturday nights as a toilet. But they wouldn't would they............?
Easily and cheaply solved - wrought iron gates.
Barnacle Bill
Er - planning permission required - the snobjector posse would mobilise and that would be the end of that excellent idea.

Oh - it was a place where the underage drinkers stashed their booze as well.
Sidmouth Seagull inactive
I agree with Hibou that putting gates across would solve the problem.  I think you have problems with alleyways in Sidmouth/other towns too.

Church Street in Sidmouth looks lovely - it has character - it always has had.  I think Pining Lass and Robin F did a good job highlighting the Devon Air Ambulance planning application and keeping us informed.
Tell It As It Is inactive
I disagree ..... the  Devon Air Ambulance plans were acceptable and would not have changed the ambience of Church Street one iota but, would have enabled more useage of shop floor space, probably easier access into the shop and as we've now been made aware would have stopped the area in the shop porch being used as a lavatory and discouraged under-age drinkers. Not a job well done in my view.
Anne V inactive
I sent you one PM; do not exaggerate, please.

Just before Robin left, I wrote:
I like you contributions and often agree, but is there any way you could be less offensive to Robin?  It's fun when you two disagree in banter and irony, but if it gets too cutting it feels really uncomfortable.
I hope you don't mind my saying this...

Was that really too much to ask?  I did not ask you "not to effectively challenge his posts" ; I think you mistake effective and offensive, dear.

I sometimes get ahead of myself but at least I do not persistently offend till other members delete their accounts; that is down to you and it is not very glorious.  
I see you are happy to live with it, but I am not: It needed pointing out.
Spencer inactive
Hi Ann this really is my last post I came on once more just to reassure you. I left Streetlife because there are posters on here that simply enjoy winding others up, I simply don't waste my time with such people there are too many in this world that just want to suck you down to their level, my advice is don't fall for it, that is why I deleted my account. Happy Christmas to all :)
Pining Lass
Robin, I am truly sorry that you have left; I enjoyed your contributions.

Surely depriving all of us of the pleasure of your company is only a win for the unpleasant ones? I would have sent this privately rather than posted but as you have deleted your account I can't.
Pining Lass
Bill, I objected to the Graves application as you know and I am NOT a snob, I am a person who loves architecture and the built environment just as you appear to love boats. If I called you a snob on the grounds that only rich people can afford boats you would think it made me look daft .... and you'd be right!

TIAII In my opinion the plans for the DAA were pulled because they were advised by the planning people that they would not be passed. If you bothered to research, not just comment, you would have the same opinion. Planning, whether we are for or against a particular project, is constrained by rules; you have to find the rules that support your opinion if you are to be successful in either gaining or stopping the project.

I'm sorry if these comments seem snappy but I have a cold and I feel snappy!
Barnacle Bill
I was more involved with "ships" rather than boats - the latter was only a means of getting ashore when there was no gangway.

Each to their own I suppose and that includes views. But I reiterate my point that those that objected did so without the knowledge that this particular shop entrance has been used by urinating drunks and encouraged under-age drinkers to remain in the area by giving them a handy place to stash their plastic bottles of booze out of sight of any police that may be in the market place area at the time. Had the impovements been allowed then this would have been one more place less to attract the 'dross' that inhabit the town late at night.
Sidmouth Seagull inactive
Pining Lass

You did a good job with this and other Planning Issues this year.  It is good to see Planning Constraints being used.

Julian Graves managed to trade many years there - if memory serves me right I think it was a hair salon before.  Church Street is quaint.  

I knew a lady who used to live in Ebdon Court she had moved from Newton Poppleford and I asked her she had problems - she said no and the convenience of living in town was a bonus.  She has since died - I will miss her floral displays.
Pining Lass
Fair point Bill, I didn't know that.

On the other hand you could have told me, and others, this information when it was all being discussed on this forum at the time the planning application was being submitted and you decided not to. It is a bit late now unless the DAA is going to want to put some period appropriate security gates as Hibou suggested.
Sidmouth Seagull inactive
I don't know where all the goods for the Charity Shops are going to come from, you only turn out a certain amount.  The number of charity shops over the last decade has grown.
Anne V inactive
Yes, but it gives us more choice as to whom to donate to...  There are only three charity shops that see me regularly, either for donations or for shopping, another two I visit occasionally.  I like to be able to make a conscious decision to support one cause rather than another.
Barnacle Bill
It wasn't a case of deciding not to PL - you do not live in this area of town so it shouldn't involve you - this forum is not part of the planning application process. 

Yes - some form of gating would be very helpful - I would certainly support a set of shutters if DAA were that way inclined - I'll have a word with them when they are in situ.
Anne V inactive
Now I understand the fluent gansta speak, Bill... ;)

You're not of my crowd, Pining Lass, so you don't have a say what happens round my yard!

I think a forum like this is a great way to involve everyone in the locality; after all, we're all Sidmothians and Pining Lass has invested time and dedication to all that planning business -which, if left to my own devices, I would have not known about until far too late.  So I applaud the lass and say keep up the good work! :)
Sidmouth Seagull inactive
I feel you seem a bit hard on P.L.    I know somebody who worked for Julian Graves and when I have spoken to her she hasn't mentioned any problem.

I know one place in Sidmouth where teenagers do meet - but I will not highlight it here - it is quite a large undercover area in town.
Pining Lass
I don't live in that part of town but I do live in town.

Saying that the forum is not part of a particular side of community life is like saying that the Sidmouth Herald should not report on a particular part of community life.

If we share information and views then we can work together to address community problems.

When you were suggesting we needed more police on at the weekend Bill did you mean you just wanted them outside your door and the rest of the town could look after itself? Of course you didn't.

Merry Christmas
Barnacle Bill
I wouldn't imagine the person you spoke to would have been in the shop at the times these incidents happen SS - the urine would have evaporated or appeared as damp patches - booze would have either been drunk and the bottles thrown down Church Street, removed by the police or perhaps left in the entrance - your acquaintance would have simply regarded them as flotsam and jetsam and may have even cleared them away.

You're right PL - of course I don't and didn't suggest that - police need to be in the general area of the town centre as currently that is where the 'hotspots' are. Still an excellent idea concerning the shutters though - metal ones of course!
Sidmouth Seagull inactive
The Devon Air Ambulance shop is opening 2nd February.
Jenny A
I also worked at Julian Graves for 2 years+ and didnt experience any antisocial evidence or unpleasant odours in the entrance area. We had to sweep up the leaves that collected there, some litter and seagull feathers. A quick sweep sorted that out. I was a bit puzzled by earlier comments. It has looked rather sad and derelict of late which can attract shady goings on I guess, but I'm sure all will be fine once the shop is up and running again.
Sidmouth Seagull inactive
Jenny A

That is what I heard too..... from somebody who lives in that area and somebody who worked at your shop.   My feathers make good writing implements too!

Well it should be open on the 2nd Feb. next week, I suppose they will transfer goods from other shops - I have not a bag for the Devon Air Ambulance.

Oxfam, Sue Ryder, Cats Protection, Hospicecare  Cancer Research, British Heart Foundation, Marie Curie, Save the Children...........
Anne V inactive
I have noticed quite a few remarks which seem posted for sensationalist purposes only...  Glad this one myth has been put to rest, thanks Jenny A.  :)
Barnacle Bill
Well not exactly Anne V. 

Incidentally  it isn't a myth, I have a good view of Church Street from my flat and that shop front was indeed used by youths as a toilet - as was/is the charity shop, Gliddons and by the side of the Willow Tree. Drink was stashed there by underage youths who would return, swig from the bottles and then go back down to the area outside of Carinas. Near empty bottles would often be taken to be finished elsewhere and on some occasions the police would remove what had been left by the shop door.

I don't doubt what you saw in the morning when you went to work Jenny A but I assume that would have been on a Monday morning - a good 30 odd hours after the incidents and more than enough time for the urine to have evaporated away.

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