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Candlelit Carol Service Donkey Sanctuary

Candlelit  Carol Service 

This is on Friday 7th December, same night as Christmas Shopping.

Well worth going to.


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The Dancing Donkey

If you can't get to the Carols by Candle-light with the donkeys - then you can watch it at home on this live-stream webcam!  People from all over the world join in via this link.
Robin F inactive
With Caroling at 5pm, and then late night shopping in Sidmouth afterwards, what a lovely evening. 
The Dancing Donkey
Ahh..looks like Mopsey in your photo!
Robin F inactive
The Dancing Donkey, I had thought it was a Slade Farm donk, so patient too when it started to rain last year. Looks a lovely Pitou in your Avatar pic.

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