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Supplier and fitter of wood or laminate flooring


I am looking for recommendations of suppliers and fitters of low cost wood or laminate flooring.  I know there are a couple of suppliers locally on Holloway Road. But I really need a recommendation for a fitter.

Any ideas?




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Billy M
I would recommend the firm who did my sister floor . They do her hallway living room and dinning room and they were quite happy for her to supply the flooring . They were very clean and tidy
Billy M
R J Carpentry & Joinery
Johanna J
Hi Emma

I recommend my good friend Rhon. He'll come out and give you free quote, his rates are excellent, work is very clean. He's been recommended and on this site previously and highly praised. Give him a call on 07737511016.
Billy M
RJ Carpentry&Joinery
Cyrus P
Emma Carpet right did a good job in my kitchen.
Sydney C
I was very pleased with buying Amtico on line Very good service and prices and a good recommendation for a fitter.
Emma W
Thank you all for your recommendations.
Fiona Campbell
We were pleasantly surprised by the shop on Holloway, Woodworx. Good price, good quality. Still waiting for them to fix an issue that wasn't easy to sort and very minor, but that is par for the course with engineered wood.

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