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nurseries or playgroups in the Chantry area

I'm looking to get my 21 month old little boy into either a play school or nursery in the area, I'm going to look at the one in Madienhall Approach, and I've arranged to go and have a look at the one in the library, and the Willows, I'm just wondering if anyone knows of any other places in the local area, around Chantry, or if anyone has any information about any playschools or clubs connected with the many different churches in the area? 


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Sarah M
Bright Sparks is at St Peter's church. My eldest went there and loved it, and my youngest is on the waiting list for when he turns 2.
I'm with Smiles of Cakes
Gary M
the willows, downing close chantry
Gary M    also daycare  and children centre... hope this is helpfull
Jean G
there's a playgroup in st peters church on stoke park drive ,also on a friday morning there's a mums and tots club at stoke green church ,the lady who runs it is called wendy ,im sure if you called in she would welcom you with open arms , also if you and your friend's would like to go out for lunch on a tuesday stoke green church also run what they call a drop in ,it runs until 1pm from 11.30 am .you can get a meal there for £3 main and i think depending on what you have for dessert that ranges from £1.50 to as little as 50p for ice cream . that runs in term time only and this tuesday is christmas dinner and sadly its the last one until january  7th once the children are back at school .
Sam M
Buttons and Bows on Hawthorn Drive is very good! My girls love it there
Kirsty G
Thank you everyone, I will cetainly look into the ones you suggested Jean

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