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Axminster Beer Festival

The Three Brewers are sponsoring the Axminster Christmas Beer Festival at The Guildhall on the 22nd December... live music, DJ, and a wide selection of local ales and ciders. Free entry. Hot food will be available to whet your appetites.


Venue not specified

Dec 22


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carpet man
Who are The Three Brewers?
Paul H
Hi Carpetman... love the hairdo....the Three Brewers are THE MIGHTY HOP BREWERY & TOWN MILL BREWERY, all out of Lyme Regis. ART BREW are Dorset Beer Anarchists, creators of Spanked Monkey, the most delicious beer this side of the Penines, no REALLY.

Entrance is free and all are welcomed... please please please spread the word Carpetman! ( I've already told RugWoman and ThrowBoy, so no need to tell them though! )
Heather (teds) H
We are away for Christmas but could you let me know when you have another meeting plaese.

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