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Daniel Defoe's tour through Ipswich

On Historic Ipswich (UK):

Daniel Defoe wrote "A tour through the whole island of Great Britain". You can read what he said about Ipswich here:


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Sheila B
Regards the Past of what Ipswich used to be like. I attended the Ipswich School of Commercce and Social Studies in Argyle Street in the early 50's.  I dont know if people realise this was the fore-runner of the Ipswich Civic college., which in turn has now developed into us haveing a University.  Mrs Beryl Harding who was the head mistress of this Schoool is still alive at the age of 100yrs. Many of these early students became Teachers and Nurses as well as doing well in various businesses. Do anyone rember those times. The School itself is also part of Ipswich past as it was built in the 1800's
Sheila B
I did not know that the School in Argyle Street was up for sale.  I just hope some Ipswich Historian goes into its past and of the many uses that it had.  I expect someone will build yet another glass and cement monstrosity on this site,l  There is a lot of stories there.  I have two of the long School photographs that were taken of the staff and pupils  in 1953 and 1954.  I wonder how many other ex pupils have some of these.

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