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Street Life

What do people think about streetlife and how is it useful to you?


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James M
It's pretty good, but a little 'stodgy' compared with sites like Facebook.

There seems to be a little bit of confusion about what it's for - some use it to
ask for things, some to advertise, I use it to complain and moan.

Might be good if they had areas, e.g. local businesses, local chat,  events, old photos album, current photo album, members pages, memories pages, stories poems and jokes. etc etc
James M
Also I only just found out how to 'follow' more than one area.  When I joined, it gave me "Around Rose Hill", which has a few places, but there is "Around Belstead" as well, which you can "follow" and you get to see messages from there as well.
Mr Fruitgum
I love it !
I keep an eye on things and see if I can help, or put questions out to see what people think. I know that Street Life has helped some people all ready. It is a great place for people to share knowledge, information and yes have a moan but also praise when something is good.
Mr Fruitgum
p.s. you can follow any where in the UK
S F inactive
Unlike Facebook, Streetlife is anonymous, Facebook is ok but I think a lot of it is for those who want to massage their ego's?  Streetlife is a great place to chat/swap ideas and opinions/advice, and is a bit more grown-up, I love reading about how other local people feel about our town and its nice to know this is a site where you can get advice and help if you need it.  I've only been on here for a few weeks and have already benefitted from other peoples advice, a real community spirit, long may it continue!  
It feels like it has taken the place of the conversations I used to have with neighbours and friends who lived in my area when I didn't work.Now I still get to hear about what's going on even though I'm not always around in the daytime.

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