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Drag racing down Eastgate & New Road.

As the comment box for the Eastgate sprint race now seems to be closed I thought I might just open it up again and add the drag race along New Road (with a school at the finish line!!) Eastgate continues to be a bottle neck for inconsiderate traffic, rushing to get, where? but rushing (speeding) all the same. Also New road - one of the longest straight roads in the town, heavily populated with parked cars plus numerous roads off to the North and south. I've watched slower speeds at Santa Pod Raceway. There has been numerouse near misses. Numerouse actuall small scratches, wing mirrors. Crushed wings. Actuall role over and stuffed through the school hedge. Not counting the verbal's!! Where's the police precence? no where to be seen (Which seems to be the norm for W'sey!) Anyone else looking for police just to pop down their street?


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Jack R
Tom D.speeding is a sore point with me to.Drybread Road had a 20.mph limit imposed from Alderman Jacobs School to Newlands Road some two years ago.Is it policed."NO" Anything goes,30/40/50mph is the norm.It's an accident waiting to happen.Is it the case of waiting for a fatality before something to happen."Answers on a postcare would appreciate"
Paul P
Good Lord; don't tell me that someone else has noticed the 20 MPH signs? I thought that I was the only one who could see them. Funny, but you see the same cars/vans each day burning rubber and then stomping on the breaks to either dart down one of the roads to the A605  or preserve their suspension while snaking around the speed bumps near the school. Perhaps it would be a good idea to photograph the offending vehicle's number plates and to present them to the constabulary.
Jack R
Hi Paul P.
Been there,done that,seen the video and bought the tee shirt and taken them to whittlesey nick.The reply i got was"We appreciate what you're doing but if we catch them,we'll stop them and have a word" Hitting the head against a brick wall comes to mind.I'm a good boy because (a) i believe in observing the speed limit an (b) looking after my suspension. I've gone down there on school days and have been overtaken on the "speedbumps". (No Respect or Tired of Life" One wonders.
Paul P
Hi Jack, So; what do we do? Don't fancy lying down in front of motorised morons. Remind me again; that bit on the council tax form about paying for police?
Jack R
Could be another "stealth" tax we don't know about but i did'nt get a crime number when i went to the nick.
Eamonn D
Put 'Speedwatch' in your search engine and look for Sir Graham Bright the Police and Crime Commissioner for Cambridgeshire visiting Speedwatch in Ramsey Heights I have seen this in opperation in two villages in Cambridgeshire. I think most police areas support such initiatives.
Martin C
We have tried to get Speedwatch volunteers a number of times for Whittlesey and never succeeded.
Laura S
Judging by the comments on here (a small sample of the community)  I cant believe the council would be short of volunteers.  Where was it raised/discussed? I certainly havent heard of it previously.  It also wasnt mentioned when I discussed my concerns with the local constabulary.
Martin C
It has been raised a number of times at the police forums, and has been publicised in the press. If you are a willing volunteer, I will try and get a call out for more volunteers.
Tom D
You actually managed to speak to our local constabulary - amazing where did you find them? What police forums? what press? Don't receive Cambs Times. How does one find out about these things?
While discussing the excessive speeds around various parts of our town, what about the morons who insist on parking on the pavement. You pay road fund tax - use the roads!! Cyclists pay nothing yet ride wherever they like especially on the path. Add cars parked on paths plus cyclists = question, where are pedestrians supposed to walk? Try speaking to cyclist and receive a load of foul mouthed abuse.
I would suggest raising these concerns with FDC but given their incompetent handling of the super market fiasco I'd not suggest contacting them regarding anything!!

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