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Drag racing down Eastgate & New Road.

Tom D in Coates
As the comment box for theĀ Eastgate sprint race now seems to be closed I thought I might just open it up again and add the drag race along New Road (with a school at the finish line!!) Eastgate continues to be a bottle neck for inconsiderate traffic, rushing to get, where? but rushing (speeding) all the same. Also New road - one of the longest straight roads in the town, heavily populated with parked cars plus numerous roads off to the North and south. I've watched slower speeds at Santa Pod Raceway. There has been numerouse near misses. Numerouse actuall small scratches, wing mirrors. Crushed wings. Actuall role over and stuffed through the school hedge. Not counting the verbal's!! Where's the police precence? no where to be seen (Which seems to be the norm for W'sey!) Anyone else looking for police just to pop down their street?

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