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Next Social & Business Drop-in Tonight (Wednesday 8th Feb)

The next Battersea Social drop-in is tonight at the Battersea Mess and Music Hall 7pm to 9pm or later.

Members get up to 20% off a wide range of wines and draught beers at £2.50 until 9pm. Hot and cold food available.

If you are coming please let us know so we can reserve enough space. If you are new to Battersea Social please email Chris on and arrange to drop-in tonight to say hello.

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Battersea Mess and Music Hall (10 mins walk from Clapham Junction)

Feb 08
I'm with Battersea Social


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David I

Hi Chris,

Not able to attend this evening.

Battersea Social

Hi David hope things are settling down for you and look forward to seeing you both soon.  Chris 

I'm with Battersea Social
Battersea Social

As you will see Streelife are archiving old postings which should save confusion. They assure us that all those who have been on this stream and other key streams will still get alerts so all should be good from now on.

I'm with Battersea Social

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