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Man Manicure

Hi Streetlifers. I'm wondering if anyone can tell me a good place to go for a manicure and also a pedicure for MEN!

I work in hospitality and am always on my feet and handling things so my hands need to be very presentable. I also want some TLC on my feet after covering many miles each week and to make them look a bit better

I'm looking for a reasonably priced placed in the local area to go on my time off that caters for men. Tried a place before and was looked at like i was an alien so hoping to avoid that again!

Does anyone have any suggestions?


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Mercedes B

I Suggest the Refinery.

A great Men's pampering place!  I sent my husband there.


Thanks for the Mercedes. I know the place you mean as i've been there before. They're very expensive though and i didn't find the treatments very good for the price you pay. Good for a treat but not a regular place i found. Thank you anyways for the suggestion

Pam P

My friend Gina Pirelli is ace at feet and massage. She is doing mine on Thursday evening in Clapham but I am happy for you to have her instead if it helps. She takes a good long time and does a very thorough job and I will  not go anywhere else whilst she is around.


I've had the occasional manicure in Balham but it was a while ago so I can't remember where! As long as you can put up with the sniggers and stares - I just stare back at them - I can't think of any reason why men shouldn't just go to any nail bar. I go to Robin the chiropodist (above Bertie & Boo's in Balham) regularly - like a pedicure but with a medical slant!

mungomuffit inactive

Might it have been Julie's on Hildreth St, Balham Ian? 

I made my husband get a pedicure at Julie's because his feet were so rough and disgusting. Mostly women go there (as I'm sure with any salon) but don't be shy Pal - there was another chap getting a pedicure while he was there. He quite enjoyed it.

Costs about £22 for a really good pedicure and less for a manicure.


Might have been, yes. Will give it a try again soon.


Hi guys, sorry for the late reply and thanks for all the info!

@Pam P i'm working tonight but thanks for the offer though enjoy the treatment.

@ianfreeman I'll check Robin out as that sound quite a good thing to have.

@mungomuffit when i need some more relaxation and my hands done then i'll give Julies in Balham a go.

Strange to think with all the marketing for mens skincare and products that no now has thought to include men in there salons as well to increase revenue. I know the Refinery are just for men which is great but for a regular treatment they're too far for me to go and too expensive when nail bars charge half the price!

mungomuffit inactive

Just to clarify Pal, if you are looking for a spa-type of relaxing experience when you get your mani/pedi then don't go to Julies. It's cheap and cheerful - you are in and out in about 30 mins!

Simon H

My new business offers manincures and pedicures at home, they are fantastic and at the moment ther is a 10% discount on all pampering sessions. Suitable for both men and women !



@ Mungomuffit

Yeah a spa type of relation would be good, but to be honest someone to give my feet some TLC for 30 mins would be fine also as i'm short of time most days because of work etc.

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