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district co-operatives

we hear lots about co-operatives and local oorganic food groups but do they really work?

with internet buying power should there not be the capability to purchase consumer durables more economically than the bright expensively packged products at the super or mimi markets?


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Gabbie J inactive
There are some good examples of working food groups and co-ops around our county.  Love Food Direct &  Postwick Farm Share are two examples that I know of which are very sucessful.   Their success depends on the committment of those involved.    They are ideal schemes for small rural communities as we have across Wayland. They don't have to be very big - they can start with a small group of like-minded people committing to shop around for the best deal on particular items.   Oil group-buying is one example of a scheme in a number of villages.  Another benefit of co-ops is the social connection between neighbours.    Your question suggests that you'd be interested in participating or maybe even helping to set one up?
Phil T inactive
Yes they do work and if you are thinking of taking up an allotment may I suggest you have a chat with the guys who run the Swaffham allotments for saving money on things and selling your produce

 Regards Phil

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