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Hi Everyone,

I'm one of the owners of Number10 Cafe in Wisbech. 

I'm also the county councillor fo the Roman Bank and Peckover division (Wisbech Peckover, Tydd St Giles, Leverington, Newton, Gorefield, Foul Anchor, Tydd Gote) and the town councillor for Wisbech Peckover ward.

Happy to talk to or help any local people, particularly those who live in the area I serve.  : )


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Bob W
Hi Steve,

Good to see you on here.
Andrew G
Hi ya steve  hows it going? Did you have a good christmas?Hows the family ?, are ok?
Bernard B
Morning Steve;
Pleased to see you using Streetlife in this area. Hopefully more people will be using the facility in the future.
Lovely weather we are having! The trees yesterday between Wisbech and King's Lynn were covered in thick rime frost, which looked striking from the relative comfort. of my car. -10C outside, which was a tad cool.
Steve T
I always try to be where people are : )  It makes it easier for them to contact me if they need help.

Christmas was great, family is well.  I can't complain.  Life is good.

Yes, it's freezing.  Some like it, some don't.  I like it most of the time.  We do need to keep an eye on our friends and neighbours though, particularly those who are vulnerable.  This can be a really difficult time for some.

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