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Having a concern for safety and because of the amount of knife crimes when I found a number of old kitchen knives in the loft I rang the council for advice on how to dispose of them.
Was told this was the first call they had had on this subject and after consulting someone was told that they could be taken to the council tip but had to be securely wrapped. When told that I am unable to get to the tip I was told that they only accept 3 knives at a time, I have 20, and I would be charged £32.
I could not believe this as I said I could have just wrapped them and put them in my black bin but would not do this for safety reasons,
Has anyone else heard of this?


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Richard W
Take them into a police station, I am sure they can dispose of them for you. It would be better than keeping them off the street.
Indra S
Police station should be safest option. Keep some pictures.
Daisy D
I took my old knives to the police station they were more than happy to dispose of them
Dee S
why do the council want to charge you for everything ?
Steve W
why not give them to a charity shop ?
Christine M
I was wondering about some scalpels and blades that I have had for years and don't know how to get rid of safely.
As the blades are separate I think I can just put the handles in the rubbish and the blades can go into my friends 'sharps' yellow bucket [she is diabetic so this is regularly collected]
If disposal of these knives is inconvenient, why not just leave them in the loft?  I take it you don't have a colony of hoodies living above your house?
Christine M
2 points about your comment.
1. my loft is in-accessable [sealed up becos of 2 previous colonies of wasps - not hoodies]

2. what would be the point of that? they would only need disposing of some time in the future anyway.
Why do they need destroying?  Knives can be useful.
Mark H
I would just chuck them in the bin and not worry!
Dauda T
I would take them to the police, make sure you put gloves before handling them.
Christine M
Mark H
Thats not very fair is it! what about the people who may have to handle the rubbish, and the wildlife at the dump?
Christine M
Donkey - they are not knives.
as I said ,they are scalpels -  as in surgical instruments.
What am I gonna do with them - perform a frontal labotomy?
any volunteers?
Indra S
Micky is on 07909200744. Poor fellow walks up and down the roads pushing a shopping trolley and looking for metal scraps. Any metal is welcome by him as he only sells them for 5p / Kg. You have already helped someone. God bless both of you.
Barbara N
I thought we paid community tax for situations like this so the council should be liable if people did put them in their bins and then somebody got hurt.
I agree that the police station is the best bet but as they are closing lots of them down some people (those with mobility problems) will be unable to access them and as for leaving them in the loft that's just passing the buck
Outside barking salvation army is a bin for disposing with knives.
Christine M
Thanks KB,  that's info. worth knowing - think the police/council should make this more well known.
Dee S
sorry but is it just left there outside the Sally Army or do they take it in at night time or is it nothing to do with them ?
I would imagine its to do with them because its inside their boundaries. It cant be moved inside at night - its like one of those big metal recycling bins but a bit different as its for knives!
Linda H
I found a sharp kitchen knife near Becontree station, I did not want to leave it there or walk home with it and as luck would have it there was a council man with a push cart picking up rubbish so I asked him and he said it was okay to put in his cart.
Oh yes, it was on the news tonight.

Road Sweeper runs amok with kitchen knife.  "I was making a good recovery, keeping well away from sharp things of all kinds, and was even on day release from the asylum working as a road sweeper.  But when a lady offered me a lovely, long, sharp knife, I knew it was a sign.  The voices in my head told me what to do..."

I have never heard such a lot of FUSS over such a non-problem.  As my Grandmother would have said (usually to herself): "Just COPE, you silly woman!".  :-)
Dee S
thats a bit harsh Donkey, we are only chatting to one another.
Richard N
Here's a recent facebook post featuring the 'knife bin' at the Barking Salvation Army site:

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