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Olympic volunteers snub

Barbara L in Beckton
what do you think of the snub robin wells given us i am one of the  Olympic cast i performed in the closing ceremony ( pyramid  cast ) and opening of para ( umbrella cast ) and i would do it again in a flash if asked and i am still volunteering for charity and a very proud volunteer and still working with a lot of the casts 

the feed back we got off the mayors office was disgusting they literary said its was your choice to do that  and they said we don't have the cast list  off LOCOG so bugger off  all the newham cast was very upset by this Josie part of pandemonium  that is mentioned in the newham recorder got the same thing so did hundreds of us i clocked in over 200+ hr rehearsing in all weathers like most of the casts but being snubed by the main host borough was not right 

we would like the feedback of the public what do u all think was robin wells right to snub us

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