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Olympic volunteers snub

what do you think of the snub robin wells given us i am one of the  Olympic cast i performed in the closing ceremony ( pyramid  cast ) and opening of para ( umbrella cast ) and i would do it again in a flash if asked and i am still volunteering for charity and a very proud volunteer and still working with a lot of the casts 

the feed back we got off the mayors office was disgusting they literary said its was your choice to do that  and they said we don't have the cast list  off LOCOG so bugger off  all the newham cast was very upset by this Josie part of pandemonium  that is mentioned in the newham recorder got the same thing so did hundreds of us i clocked in over 200+ hr rehearsing in all weathers like most of the casts but being snubed by the main host borough was not right 

we would like the feedback of the public what do u all think was robin wells right to snub us


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MK inactive
I am disgusted with the comments made. I am also appalled at Newham's attitude towards what's really important to the community. It amazes me how the council bend over backwards to help those who cannot be bothered to work and lets us the tax payer, volunteers who want to better the experience of life in Newham are shoved to the realm of non-existence. It's about time Newham big bods got of their high horse and started to act like professionals.
Barbara L
i agree with you the way we have been treated was discussing we worked so hard to make the shows what they was nobody was professorial just normal people that had a talent  the whole journey was incredible and once in a life time which i am so proud to be part of 
a lot of us are still doing our bit to keep the flame burning bright in peoples hearts  building self confidence and believing in yourself we hope to keep this going 

robin as far as we feel has no seance of community spirit he loved to blow his own trumpet but never looks at the smaller picture 
Janet C
I'm wondering what has actually happened.  I've worked out that the Newham volunteer gamesmakers must have asked or wanted something to happen but I've no idea what.  Nor do I know what snub was made.  Though I have to agree, Newham council is very out of touch with what residents want and/or need.  Robin Wales rules the roost and nobody can counter him.
Fred B
I have it on fairly good authority that Mr R Wales is a.( I rule the roost). gets very angry if any one opposes him. He is a glory seeker. Ask him why we got a Scottish flag over the town hall not a British flag?? agree with your last bit of your statement JanetC. How he got back into office well mmmmm.
Louise C
Ropbin Wales can be complacent - he returns to office because he is aware that most people in Newham will return Labour to power as a local authority. Never having voted for this party I have watched in astonishment when this hypocritical party get  automatic right of rule in Newham remains one of the most deprived boroughs in the country. Labour like poverty- that is where their support comes from. No need to improve anything when the voters in Newham are mugs.
Barbara L

latest update we have now been invited to the thank u on the 31st but we have to get incontact with the  newham casts as they cant get all the contact details if u are a newham  cast PLEASE CONTACT

Sue Meiners I Head of Events & Sponsorship

Strategic Commissioning & Partnerships Development

London Borough of Newham

Newham Dockside I 1000 Dockside Road I London E16 2QU

DDI: 020 3373 0407I Int: 30407

M: 07760 254123

 ember please email me OR

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