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Hi! I'm looking for a second hand working bike. Let me know if you have one you don't want / need anymore!


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Ian L

If you are not offered anything try these people and you will be helping a charity .Kisharon.They service and sell reliable second hand bikes.

Bus Stop Bikes
Asher Loftus 
Business Centre

27-31 Church Road
London NW4 4EB

T: 0208 202 3936 ext 204
07982 104 885

Aleth A
Hi, Monica, yes I've got a bike in good order (mixte, Marin) to give away with all accessories (pannier, pump, lights, good locks, etc.).

Are you interested?
Mónica S
Hi Aleth, that sounds great, I am definitely interested. How should we arrange this? I am in the Highgate area.

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