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S F in Broke Hall
Skills Minister Matthew Hancock, is congratulating himself that this year a total of 6,270 people in Suffolk took up apprenticeships which is much higher than in previous years.  But should we be celebrating or is it the case that youngsters really have little or no choice these days other than to take up an apprenticeship when they finish school/college/university?  My 19 year old son recently took on an apprenticeship for admin work after getting all his qualifications, he works nearly a 40 hour week for just over £2.60 an hour!  I call that slave labour and its scandalous!  Ok, ok, so he's got something to put on his CV at the end of the apprenticeship you can say, but there will be no guarantee that this firm will keep him on at the end of his course, and if they do, they'll have to increase his pay won't they.  My guess is that they'll just say goodbye and take on yet another apprentice at £2.60 an hour.  The Government keeps ranting on about how they've got unemployment down and how good it is that companies are taking on apprentices but it is just another one of their scams.  I can't help feel sorry for youngsters and who can blame them if they don't want to take up an apprenticeship if they're being paid such a low amount?

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