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Whitehoiuse Road junction with Norwich Road

Isn't it about time there were traffic lights  at the junction of Whitehouse Road onto Norwich Road,  it's a nightmare trying to get out of there.  Five sets of traffice lights in less than a quarter of a mile and none at the very place they are needed. If not traffice lights, how about a mini roundabout or a yellow box junction on both sides of Norwich Road.  Hopefully then selfish drivers will take note of the lines of cars waiting to get out of Whitehouse Road.


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Hayley J
Couldn't of said it any better myself Jean, it's such a pain to get out of there. Its the same with the junction further down the road at Dales Road/Norwich Road.
I couldn't agree more! It's a nightmare, we are facing a dash to the hospital soon as due our 2nd baby in 6 days time and I am so worried we won't get out. even considered a sign! haha. Rarely we are lucky enough to get out straightaway or someone is kind enough to let us go, but the amount of times cars will block our way, if they just left a gap (they are on red so not going anywhere anyway!) a couple of cars would be able to get out but seems some people are selfish :( would love to know if we could raise this issue with anyone to be looked at seriously?
Andy A inactive
This has been a nightmare since the beginning of time itself. Even in the 1960's it was bad. Four decades later nothing has been done or suggested. Traffic lights and any other means to make access to busy roads will not be available nor will ever be available other than in areas where the rich and wealthy live. 
So dont expect anything to be done because it never will be.The only answer is to travel up to Goddard road and using the roundabout there onto Norwich road. That  wasnt an option years ago. Regarding other drivers leaving a gap LOL as if. Even if a yellow dont enter grid box was there, it would make no difference. Ipswich drivers are similar to drivers in most places. No common sense.  And by the way does anyone know why indicators on cars are banned in Ipswich ?
Elaine D
Do any drivers actually take any notice of yellow boxes anyway, just last night at the end of our road, the traffic was queued right across the yellow box and in the middle of the queue (and the yellow box) was a .....Police car. Enough said!
Heather G
I live the Norwich road end of dales road, and it is a nightmare, my partner gives me a lift to the station every morning, I catch the 6.52 to chelmsford and we have to leave the house no later than 6.30 because of all the traffic lights, and the traffic, any later and I'd miss my train. getting home takes even longer
Jackie E
I think traffic on the whole in Ipswich is a nightmare, especially if you catch rush hour and the school run as I do!! I try to avoid town centre because of all the road works, but I dont drive in any other towns so have nothing to compare it to. But it really does "drive" me mad!!!
Andy A inactive
Norwich road end of dales road is another nightmare yes. Pity we dont adopt the traffic rules of some European countries where a vehicle has to give way to traffic at a junction where no lights exist. Its time for Ipswich to wake up to the traffic congestion. We are no longer a village. We have one of the largest Ports in Europe on our doorstep  and because of a non stop flow of heavy  trucks, we are in a worse state than many large cities. All large vehicles should be totally banned from Norwich road. They should have a large ring road around Ipswich and not be allowed access unless they have local deliveries.  Without that this town faces nightmares in the near future. BUILD for the future ( oops what on earth am I talking about. This town has never had the sense to build ahead for even the next couple of years!)
Toby P.
I would be making my way there now Issy. You never know.
The traffic along the entire length of Bury Rd has got worse this year and now seems to be one long crawl, often from around ASDA so Whitehouse traffic detouring via Goddard rd won't gain much time... only a place in the queue..I feel the answer would be to extend the yellow box junction at the Whitehouse/Norwich rd junction across the entire width of the road thus causing town bound traffic to confront a 'box' and possibly THINK and maybe be a litle more considerate...Another set of lights is out of the question as there are already too many close by and T/lights can hinder more than help.. Also how about a mini roundabout... there is room if the bus lane was removed and with no P/Ride now it is of little use anyway.
The problem is if you are courteous heading into town and ease off to let someone out of Whitehouse Road, they either can't get out because the traffic coming out of town is moving freely, or they look at you as if you are stupid and don't come out. Once you've done that a few times you don't bother anymore and concentrate instead on the traffic lights you are about to cross or stop at.

What needs to be done is for the three sets of lights to be syncronised, but as we are still waiting for the ones at Henley Road / Valley Road / Dale Hall Lane to be sorted as promised, then I wouldn't hold your breath.

PS. I wish people would realise Bury Road is 30mph. The lack of houses does not mean it is 40mph. The street lighting is a big clue. Get off my back wheel!
Agree with you entirely, OnTwoWheels,especially your last paragrapgh ref. Bury rd spe
ed limit, I drive on 4 wheels and try to obey the law but often have had following motorists 'flash' me to go faster, or drive up close in an effort to urge me on and in one instance overtake me with a hand gesture in so doing.
Spotty Dog
I agree with you entirely but don't expect the traffic planning dept of this town to solve anything. The mess they have made of St Helens Street after closing Back Hamlet and the Rope Walk into town is a typical example of their ineptitude. They just moved the traffic problem from Bishops Hill to St Helens Street.

Their solution will probably be something like "left turn only" or to make Whitehouse Road one way from Norwich Road. Be careful what you wish for
John S
if you think ipswich is bad try colchester!!

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