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Interesting pubs

What pubs do people on here think are interesting and why is this? I don't like sports, so pubs showing sports on large TV screens don't interest me.


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Sylvia L
The Assembly Rooms in Kentish Town Road - corner of Leighton Road. Very old pub which also does nice food.
David L
Tufnell Park Tavern, Tufnell Park Road. Pub with decent restaurant, good beer, good pizza, cafe during the day, small farmer's market on Saturdays. No piped music or TVs. Tolerates children.
Janine D
I prefer pubs that have live music,not bands as such but a good singer gives a nice old fashioned pub atmosphere.
Unfortunately, few pubs are prepared to pay for decent singers :(

Basically I go to a pub for entertainment, booze is just a bonus (or a compensation if I'm in a boring sports pub :)

Like a good pub quiz too!
Janine D
Oops forgot to say the Duchess of Kent, Prebend St is great on a Friday with karaoke, they get good singers in there of all ages.
Paul B
OK, good! I assume from just doing a search that you mean 72 Prebend Street, London, N1 8PR. Is that right? Karaoke sounds good to me.
Jenny C
Mucky Pup in Raleigh Street is good, do a great quiz on Wednesdays. Of course the Kings Head opposite St Mary's Church do live music and theatre! Beers not bad either! And the Red Rose in Essex Road is good also!
Paul B
Jenny C, OK thanks for those recommendations! Unfortunately, I'll now have to go and find out exactly where those roads you've mentioned are, because lots of pubs have the same names, especially The King's Head. There are also at least two churches called St Mary's in London Borough of Islington. In future, please can people put which postal district the roads are in to save me some time?
Joan G
Would recommend  North Nineteen  in Sussex way N19.  Lovely family run pub with amazing food and live music from time to time. They also cater for functions  at reasonable prices.
Sylvia L
Does anyone know of any pubs near to Kentish Town with Irish Music on Saturday nights?
Janine D
There IS a good Irish pub in Kentish Town Road but that was years ago, not sure about now. Will ask mum for name of pub!

We have Doyles in Caledonian Road, I've been there a few Saturdays in the past and it's a lovely atmosphere on a Saturday night :)
Sylvia L
Thanks - don't think there are any irish pubs left  in  KT but let us know if your mum knows of any!
Paul B
I don't know how near to Kentish Town the pub has to be, but there's The Floirin, on the corner of Holloway Road and Rupert Road, N19, not far south of Upper Holloway Overground station. They often have live music.
Deirdre W
The Hemingford arms is very friendly, and interesting decorations, old style and music sometimes, on 153 bus. Good thai food ,and roast on sundays.
Dorothy B
The Magnet on the Archway Road is a tiny Irish bar - not a themed pub-  it's definitelyly the real thing. Locals gather there on Friday nights to play Irish music together - not a performance - it's just for their own enjoyment. It's not open every day due to a recent bereavement so call before you go. It's tiny so don't go in a group - you won't be able to sit dow and your presence could destroy the very thing you have gone for.
Dorothy B
This website is useful for finding Irish music pubs in North London - they do still exist.
Ina M
The Old China Hand pub on Tysoe street is a great pub - they have free table tennis, lots of board games, interesting ales on tap, which are constantly changing, very friendly and chatty bartenders. There are lots of great pubs in the area, it really depends on what you prefer though..For a more chilled out atmosphere go to the Barnsbury on Liverpool road, Drapers Arms is excellent for food, but hard to get in without a reservation. The Charles Lamb is a great local with a really amazing Sunday lunch (but come early). 
Sylvia L
Thank you all for this information. Will definitey give then a try.

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