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What is it like to live near West Ham station?

I am thinking about moving to a flat near West Ham station. Can anyone tell me what the area is like please?


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Fred B
A good area the Manor Road,is not to bad for traffic  As far as to say road and rail system are Dlr, LU, National rail at West ham.Bus176 to and from Stratford What more do you want??
Kenny M
It's quite nice round there - great local park (with nice community centre in the middle) next door too, kids schools nearby. feels like a community
Ian S inactive
Thank you for your replies.  I have seen a couple of other messages about the area, and it sounds really good.  I am looking at the Jack Clow Road development.  One bedroom flats there are just about in my price range, but I still have some more saving for the deposit to do!  So I intend to keep saving and hope to be able to buy a flat there later this year.  Thanks again for your replies.

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