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No more bus services for us. For how long? Should we continue walking to work on the ice rink?


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Veronica P
That's dreadful.  I don't understand why the buses cannot get to you - there are no massive hills are there?
I also cannot understand why the grit lorries can't just tootle about all day gritting ....?
Karen M

I did see the gritters out in Taverham... I would say the problem is as you've said frequency...

Being a brought up in Central Scotland,  l grew up with snow and can confirm our roads were never that bad - but l do believe that the temperatures being minus is the problem..... but no excuse as we had it all last year.. 

Its just a pity that they didnt just leave that flag up in Ireland and all the money that was spend on policing.. the demonstrations thousands l believe could have been spent on making sure that the pavements and roads were passable...

Its obvious this weather is now going to be a regular thing in the uk.. and we need to look and learn from other countries who often have minus conditions.. ..

Stay warm and safe everyone.. and wellies is the way to go in this weather..
Paul C
Have you ever driven a 7/8 ton vehicle in the snow, I have it's not fun.
June B
bus 28 and 29 now operating as usual.
Sue G
At  Easton if we want to get to the Doctors etc just 3 miles up the road in Costessey we have to take a bus to Norwich as all our buses now go along the bypass and then a bus out to Costessey and the same back yet Queens Hills buses can go that way every 15 mins when started, I don't know the timing  now.  Our buses went that way before the bypass.  I had to return a hire car to the Grapes Hill end of Dereham Road today but there was no bus our way to Easton.  Crazy.  I was stranded.  Such lovely weather to be stuck.
Sue G
A friend from Chapel has been out night after night, long hours salt spreading as fast as they can.  Norfolk has hundreds of miles of roads.

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