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Travellers are back

Oh no the travellers have returned to the car park off Parkway with their noisy generators and rubbish. After the problem the council had getting rid of them last time why has nothing been done to prevent this? I feel so sorry for the residents of Bishops Road with this practically on thei doorstep.....


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Catherine B
If we as a community had fulfilled our civic responsibility to the travellers and provided them with a site (as we are supposed to do in law) they would not need to park on spaces around the town.
David N
The car park is called St Andrews 2 and this is the second time in recent months that the Delaney family has camped here. The present situation benefits no-one and a solution must be found.

A case conference has been called for next Tuesday and I have again been asked to attend. Last time, I was evicted at the halfway point because officials claim that as the only elected councillor in the room I might seek to influence the decision. I am currently disputing this ruling with the council's law officer as the residents of Bishops Road and Blomfield Street look to me as their elected representative to speak on their behalf.
Jan G
I cannot feel sympathy for travellers who leave such an impact on their environment. I can remember a site being provided for them in Rougham Road but it was not looked after.
Edna A
Enormous amounts of money was spent on building a site for travellers in Romany Way with hardstandings toiletblocks  and showers and what did they do, totally trashed the place . Sorry its been done in Bury before as lots of us will remember,
Gill Malik
They just want to be able to buy land with planning permission.  They were no problem last time they moved onto parkway and I doubt they will be any trouble this time. 

This is a problem that wont go away just because you don't approve.

They are in my backyard, and I hope a real solution can be found that allows them some peace of mind soon.
Jan G
I have just been past the site and there is rubbish everywhere, noisy generators and music. How can anybody say they do not cause a disturbance? Surely if they call themselves travellers they don't want a permanent site but the freedom to move about.
Catherine B
Rubbish - I have spent a lot of time walking around the area in the last few weeks.
The residents of BSE are very happy to dump rubbish in the lanes and footpaths. Do not blame travellers for the state of rubbish in the area they may add to it but they are certainly not the only people who dump stuff. The walk down Southgate Street on a Monday morning often produces 2 bags full.
Steve T
I have a responsibility to find my own home, the lifestyle choice of the traveller is to be respected in this democracy BUT they have no more rights than the settled community. They want a or buy one, the generate waste and rubbish, take to the excellent civic site like the rest of us....they want land with planning, but it and apply as we all must. Equality only exists if the laws apply equally.....being in a 'minority group' should not confer addition rights, for that is called discrimination.
Steve T
And Catherine, depositing rubbish in the streets is an offence.....I don't care who does it, the law should be applied.
Gill Malik
There is always rubbish on this sight, Jna G.  It is not the Travellers.  I litter pick the little wood beside this carpark twice a year.  People parking their cars here see fit to lob all sorts of rubbish over the hedge, even dirty nappies.  That was definatley not the Travellers.
Steve T
It's not an issue about who drops the etc etc all sections of our community drop's anti social and in my view both selfish and disrespectful. The travelling community is similar to the settled in that some are good neighbours and some are not. That the conduct of some of their number creates a false impression that they all create a mess and cost can to a large part only be addressed by travellers themselves being aware of the impression and working to overcome it by making sure that they leave no adverse conditions that the residents pick up the tab for.
Gill Malik
On my way out with my husband Friday evening, we cut through said carpark.  Some of the Travellers were ready to role with their caravans attached and lights on.

Two young lads in one truck called over to us wishing us a good evening.  So we turned and went for a chat.

One said "I bet you are glad to see the back of us"  we said we were not and I told them we had been trying to fight their corner.

They were suprised.  They thanked us and we wished them a safe journey.  My husbant said he hoped they found a proper site soon. 

It seems to take a few days for them all to arrive/leave.  I guess they have more caravans than trucks to pull them.
Jan G
I cannot understand the sympathy for them. They were taking up lots of parking spaces for several days and presumably not paying and where were they disposing of their chemical toilet waste?

If they want to settle somewhere they should do like the rest of us and contribute to society not expect somebody else to provide for them.

I may sound hard and I'm sure these particular families are very nice but its a case of "not in my backyard thank you"!
John B
Well said Jan.
If Gill is so keen to have them perhaps she has a large garden where they can set up home rather than using the car parks for free that the rest of us have to pay for.
Having seen an employer of mine ripped off for thousands of pounds for ruining his car park then threatening to slit his wife's throat if he did not pay up I wpuld happily see these scum removed from the face of the earth.
Gill Malik
Firstly Jan G, they are in my backyard.

They are not dumping anything that I can see.

They are not going to disappear just because you may want them to, the problem will just get shifted.

And yes they would love to settle somewhere legally.  But this gets blocked.

They want to buy their own land and not be a burden, but councils would rather waste millions of pounds in tax payers money wrecking their site and moving them on.
John B
Why would they want to buy their own land to settle on. I thought they were supposed to be travellers?
If they had their own land would they pay council tax?
There are plenty of empty houses in Ireland where most of these people originate from. They can go and park up in those gardens.
Jan G
The rubbish is not the main issue it is the fact that they are on a car park taking up spaces and not paying. They are breaking the law and we should not keep protecting the human rights of the minority who break laws but those of the majority of law abiding citizens who also have human rights. If I park my car there I have to pay. I also pay taxes and don't see why those taxes should be used to evict travellers from a public car park.

Can anyone explain what these people contribute to society?
John B
Were they fined for overstaying in a car park. If not, why not?
John B
Oh sorry, I forgot, they are travellers. They don't pay fines like the rest of us, they move on.
Steve T
I am a fan of choice and tolerance......that said individuals are responsible for their choices and should meet any costs and responsibilities they incur.
By choice I would drive a Pagani Zonda and work a two day week with all winter holidays in the sun....I can't afford it do I don't, travellers desire to be treated equally and I support tax, parking charges, taxation, environmental issues etc should all be part of this.

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