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Stalham indoor car boot started


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Mike C
rang the number supplied and they said it was no longer on !!!
Sheila M
Thanks to Mike C. we wont all be now getting up at stupid o'clock on Sunday mornings - see the official website comment below:

Stalham giant Car Boot Sale Cancelled Until Further Notice 
It appears that Stalham Giant Car Boot Sale has been cancelled until further notice after checking their Facebook page. I'm not sure whether to delete this event or not as it may be running again. I will keep an eye on this one and if it has been cancelled completely then the boot sale will be deleted from the site.

Well that didn't last long, we'll just have to wait for 'the late one' to start up again at end of march. xx
Zoe J
is that the one at the school 
Sheila M
Hey ho Zoe - well yeah it was, but now cancelled - presumably due to lack of interest I'm guessing,

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