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Free Xmas Dinner for the Homeless in Newham this Xmas

Does anyone know where the Homeless, People who are on there own this Xmas can get some company and a free meal.  For the past several years Crisis has done an excellent job, enlined with the Newham Further Ed College, but this year ....No....



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Scratch E
I worked at Newham last year for crisis at xmas but this year it has moved to the city academy, hackney, on homerton high st. Homerton overground station, if you want to get there, get in touch with crisis and they will give you all the details.
And by the by, i had that photo for my profile at one time or another.
Scratch E
Come to think of it, that is still my profile photo. A change is as good as a rest.
Julie G
Thanks Scratch E, will try and get to as many people as can, it was just that I read the article about
 tate and Lyle, was maybe hosting the event, and could not find any further reference.
Good on you, for helping out last year, and love the profile photo.
Merry Xmas and Happy New Year.

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