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New Page created for Honiton Running Club

If anyone is looking for a running club look no further than you local club. There is now a Honiton Running Club page on Streetlife. If you are interested in getting fitter or you want to train for a running event come along and give us a try. We cater for all abilities and are very friendly. Check out the page which will link you to the club website


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Christopher C inactive
What I say is 'What about us Walkers' where's our club?
Carol A
I always thought there was a ramblers club in Honiton. Have seen them assembling at the foot of Roundball at times.
John B
Actually the running club is into walking too. About 30 of us did the 3 Peaks challenge in 2010. We have a member who organises regular walks. I'll let you know when the next one happens. Of course you could always start a walking club.
Carol A
I don't need a walking club John, I walk miles every day - I have two dogs!
Anne F
A walking get together would be good. I will look out for any information.
Alan T
I thought there was a Honiton Ramblers club too, sure there used to be. Honiton Library would know, they keep a list of local organisations.
There's certainly an East Devon group - here's their walks programme -
Christopher C inactive
Ok, I did not explain myself when I asked about a walking club. I am not talking about 'Ramblers', 'Trekking', doing the 'Three Peaks' and such like.
I was enquiring if there were walkers who might like to WALK a race 5K 10K half or full Marathon, in their OWN time, not to win just to get to the start line and give it everything they can. This needs a solid training base just like the runners need. I walk a lot on hard surfaces, not cross country or off road. I pass and am passed (frquently) by others in Honiton and Sidmouth who also seem to be out there for themselves (not the dogs). It might be just to relieve stress, find space for themselves lose weight or have ambitions to race one day.
You might now challenge me to start such a group. Well I've been there and done that (not walking) and usually on my own as others are far to 'Busy' to take on the job or share it. That is why I asked the Runners of Honiton if they had a 'Walking' element.
Thank you John for your positive commements, Alan for his link to the ramblers, Anne who seems as keen as mustard, and fellow dog lover Carol.
Carol I'm on the waitng list for a Hearing Dog, went on in 2009 have to wait till 2014, before I get one.
L & Hs
John B
Ah, this sounds like serious walking and a good idea. It would be a departure from normal walking/rambling but I can see the appeal. This is not something that any running club would put on as an event for the simple reason that walkers take longer to get round a course and so marshals, support staff and first aid have to be out for longer and there is only so much you can ask of volunteers. For example we would expect most runners to finish a 10K (6.2 miles) in 80 minutes with only a few taking longer. Walkers may take up to two hours. Having said that there occasional charity events that do encourage walking participants.

I quite agree that serious walkers are very fit and train hard, after all it is an olympic sport. At that level the "walkers" go faster than many runners, including me. I hope you find some like-minded people to share your walking with.
Christopher C inactive
Thank you Alan T,
I suspect that a good deal of these walks are 'OFF' road, and therefore not quite what I was looking for.
Christopher C inactive
Hi John,
Perhaps you can still help? I have heard tell of a gadget that one can strap on and it will calculate from your walk/running pace what your speed/pace is and from that you can gain information that will help you train and walk/run at a pace that will help you to reach the finish line. From what I have read it seems that one can start a race in the wrong group (finish time wise) and end up walk/running at their collective pace rather than your own training pace. If they exist can you point me in the direction of any that are idiot proof and that I won't have to ask my Grandson to set up for me? Presents may come my way over the festive season or in January when the next Birthday is due.
Many thanks
John B
Hi Christopher C

Runners mostly use GPS watches made by Garmin. Although more and more are using Apps on their smart phones - am I talking gobbledegook? These tell you time, distance, pace, elevation etc and you can download the information from the watch to your computer and see a map of your route and a collection of statistics. Grandson may be required!. For walkers there is useful information on The Walking World website here:
For a good GPS system you will have to spend well over £100, but if you already have a smartphone then an app will be free or cost very little.
Christopher C inactive
Thanks John B,
its' the grandson then, he is always welcome so I'll get more info from him over the Christmas. I'll have a look at the site you recomended. Smart phones? I've only just moved on from two old tin cans and a piece of string!

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