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James @ Craftmania in Bradwell
Hello all !
I am new to this Streetlife site so please be patient lol
I am the James from Craftmania King Street Great Yarmouth,

Over the last few years I have watched the town take a turn for the worse and decided I would try to do my bit to help ! I can see that this streetlife site is a great way to help support our town, But i thought i would take one of the most poular social media platforms and try and make it help our town centre businesses with dome Free help.
Its a new page that i am trying to get off the ground that works for both shoppers and shop keeepers..

As a shopper you will get up to the minute information of new proiducts landing in all the town centre stores, Exclusive offers, and endless chit chat :0)

As a shop Keeper you can talk directly to new customers, and show all of your latest promotions and products to a new audiance for FREE !

This week the story was covered by the Great Yarmouth Mercury !
And i hope that with your help we can increase the "likes" from a few hundred to a few thousand !
Please help me out by hitting "like" on the page and "share" it with your friends & Family :)

Thank you all !

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