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Car Park Tickets Now need your Reg no :>(

As a person who goes into town hardly ever, I was very surprised to see that at the back of the old Woolworths you now have to put in the last 3 digits of your car reg ! I presume this is so that you can not give your ticket to someone else. This annoyed me because I had 50 mins left on my 1 hour ticket that I would normally give away. I have already paid for a space for another 50 mins so why cant I ive it to someone else. Sorry rant over


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Reg S
Don't you know that these
so called civil servant s are out to screw you
Kathie J
I agree, if the 'big society' is part of this countries ethos, then why can't we give our parking time to others if we want? Vote with our 'Wheels' and go to a different car park where they don't do that!
James M
Yes, the car park has already been paid for the time, it has no right to charge for it again.  But then again those two car parks have always been a mega rip-off and I never park there (£4.50 for 3 hours in the evening to see a show at the Regent?  No thanks). This is just one more reason to never park there.
Reg S
What do they charge at the old T A car park
Tres B
I agree with all the above. If MY money has paid for one hour of parking and I don't use it all then I would like to think I could give that ticket to someone else to use.
If we're talking about the NCP car park in Cox Lane, then their T&Cs have always included a non-transferability clause, so to be fair, this may be one you can't pin on the anti-car squad at IBC.
It's another one of the (un)intended consequences of out sourcing council services - profit or service?

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