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Brunswick wharf

Are we going to let the council just go ahead with the land free for all as they sell off our children s
future environment. it seams that there has been little or no discussion with the public over its future. it seams we are a town suffering from public consultation fatigue, it seams to me the council bat around mad ideas till we are all sick of hearing from them then when we don't want to hear any more, whack in goes a application  with no thought  of the impact. and before you can say "pensions topped up" the deal is done. come on whats every one think?


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Wendy A inactive
Go to the council meeting at the Town Hall. Take your local Councillor with you. Write what you want to say and read it out if youre not used to public speaking. We were promised that the toilets in Old Town would be down early 2011. I went to the meeting in November  2011!  The toilets were down by new year. If folk want action...then stand up for your rights
Sacha H
good point well put, and im glad you got some joy for your efforts. but till the council is willing to debate the wharf in a public meeting it is impossible to hold them to account for there actions to date, as it stands the council has said it has no intention of gaining public opinion on the wharf future. soon Torridge will have nothing left for future generations.
Wendy A inactive
I find many who 'serve ' us actually serve themselves.......David Ratcliffe is a good man, but there aren't many like him. Most turned up to the meeting in the council chamber dressed as if they had just come off the allotments, Scruffy wasn't the word for official office. They are evasive and so rude to some people...especially Mr Sweet and tried to deny him speaking as a member of the public. Some of us shouted 'shame' and the Mayor allowed him to have his 5 minutes. I was appalled.   The council just spent £3000 on a gold link for the mayoral that one selfish act you all see who and what you have elected and what they really think of us all. Absolute disgrace
Kay M
In 50years dealing with councils TDC is by far the worst.They actually gave away my property so neighbours could drive to their properties,the properties have covenants which clearly state no access,the list of problems is endless,I cannot work out if they are totally innept or just plain awkward
Sacha H
I have lived in Torridge all my life and have attended many council meeting in my time all of which seam to do lips service to the public and then carry out what ever suits them. what ever have to the money from the 106 agreement for the development along manto way there was talk of extensions to schools health centers all manner of things to opes the public. the same seams to of happened again at the morton park development at the last minute they pulled the community center yet it still got the green light.  Kay i agree with you inept seam to kind for the carry on i would use much strong words there beyond inept.
 and its our children's future there toying with for there own egos.

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