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unusual quest...hopefully of mutual benefit.......

I am a seventy eight year old retired medical worker/builder, entirely new to social media, and have been looking in all the wrong places! My long overdue retirement plan  involves seeking a trustworthy legal professional interested in purchasing two small quiet residential units, including vacant possession of a presently unoccupied, neat studio flat on the Heath fringes. They would be best placed to appreciate the state of affairs, assess their prospect of securely acquiring the property, negotiate and refine the details of the plan.  Except for a long sub-lease on an independent rear studio room, I wish to divest myself of all interest in the property and give special importance to any law student or single qualified barrister starting out with a disability or needing financial assistance; private mortgage offered. There is supposed to be a serious housing shortage, so perhaps I have a good chance of finding the right person who values what is being offered as a possible solution for home ownership crisis, mortgage unavailability and exorbitant London rentals.  Wishing all near and far neighbours, the very best for the New Year and hoping this unusual quest will find someone with a passion for justice and the advenures of life.  Meetings…viewings…before 5-1-13 or after  11-4-13…thanks……


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What a super proposition for someone! Have you tried contacting the Bar Council? They may have some hardship fund list or similar which could help get the message to likely candidates. The contact email address on their web site is

Good luck!
Giordana B
Lucy, a very good morning….. to an unknown near-far neighbour….what a superb feeling to be linked by one of the few things that really matter, a need to give the precious gift of affectionate support, like breathing….or like  a bird pouring a morning song into any heart that is listening.  Wishing you all you wish for yourself into our next New Year….and many more.

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