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christmas market

has anyone been to exeter and seen the christmas market they have got on the cathedral green it is wonderful all those little wooden huts and all the lovely things for sale which arent mass produced, wouldnt it be lovely if exmouth had something like this all through december in the strand and that it was open every day. i am sure it would bring people into exmouth


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Ann P
What  nice idea!  It's based on the German markets and they are terrific.   It would give local artists and craftsmen and women a chance to really show off their wares and it would, as you say, bring people in.   Create a lovely warm and happy atmosphere in the town centre, too. Yup, I vote for that!
Andrea W
I thoroughly agree.  I have just been to town and seen the Strand all dolled up for the Christmas Cracker.  Strikes me that  that is exactly what the new Strand was designed for and a Xmas market would be great.
Nick M
My OH and her daughter went and said that there were so many people at one point that they had a job to get through!  Just think how much money could be brought into the local economy if we were to do that.  Sadly, I don't think we'll evr have anything apart from the Christmas Cracker, which never changes, year after year, although at least the sound was better this time!
Jan N
It was good to see lots of people in the Market and the Strand this afternoon. The new design of the Strand was great for this event. Congrats to all who organised the fund-raisng for the Christmas lights too.
Ann C
i didnt go to the christmas cracker as i have been dissapointed with it in recent years,
Rosemary O
Last time I was invited it would cost £35 for a stand.  The profit on my cupcakes is 50p each so would havehad to sell 70 just to break even.  That was a couple of years ago though, and it seemed to me that most of the stands were for charity so like Ann C, haven't been since.
Liz F
I was disappointed with the Christmas Cracker - only went along in the afternoon but the atmosphere seemed quite flat and not at all Christmassy I thought. Loved the fire breathing dragon chiminea thingy though!
I'm with Liz Flynn MAR
Jane W
It was more exciting in the evening with all the lights switched on, the entertainment and lots of bustling people around.
Ann C
i was out in the evening and couldnt have gone anyway,
Just Purr-fect
Cost me 30 for a stand but made profit so was worth while
I'm with Just Purr-fect
Andy G
I didn't get to go as I was working, but a few people have said it wasn't all that Christmassy because of the music! Maybe they should get the "usual" christmas tunes playing out so at least it makes people get in the mood! It's amazing what "the power of Slade" can do! (other artists are available)
Roy P
Yes went last week and i thought what a wonderful christmas market for all the family was on my own at the time but thought my brother would have loved it.
It took me back to the old days when i was growing up, had a great time, thank you Exeter.

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