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Proposal to erect translucent polythene membrane inflatable dome to cover three tennis courts at Holly Park Tennis Club

I've only just been notified of this by a friend...

Case number is: HGY/2013/0039

Personally, I think it is a terrible idea and will have a very unattractive impact on the beautiful, natural surroundings of Queens Woods.


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Stephen M
Interestingly, we've been through all the representations made so far (up to Weds AM) and found 90 were against and 143 were for it.

Not only is that a HUGE level of response to a planning application, but it's extremely rare for the backers to outnumber those against... so far at least.

The full story is in this week's Ham & High Broadway, out today, and it'll be online shortly...
Andrew D
I'm against it all the way. This is a private club with hardly any members which has never co-operated with the other clubs or organisations who care for the Crouch End Playing Fields/Shepherds Cot Trust. The "Community" will never get to use this only the private members. It is very strange that so many people are for this proposal when this club has so few members. I was down today and no one was playing tennis there in the afternoon. They do have dire warnings about parking on their land posted all along their fences though.
Karen J
As far as i was aware all clubs on that site are members only are they not?! Equally having looked at their website they seem to have one of the lowest membership rates in the area.
I think its a brilliant idea for a small local club to be able to provide this option in the winter. Having visited the planning site via the posted link i can't help noticing the amount of objections that seem to generally support the idea of a dome, but just not on the Holly Park site...sounds like a little neighbourhood jealousy to me. In my opinion there is great potential for the community to benefit from such a development.
Top Jockey
I`m against it & agree with Andrew, I go past at least twice a day ther is hardly ever anybody on those courts When the courts are dry & the sun is on them in winter they are still unused,
.It is one of the few sacred havens in the area & would look bloody awful.
If you want to see how dreadfull they look go to Islington  indoor tennis dome & you will see how horrendous they look.
Karen J
Islington's indoor tennis facility is an entirely different build and has no resemblance to the temporary dome suggested.
Paul B
It sounds like a great idea to me! I think it would look a bit like a moon base or Mars colony. I bet you hate satellite dishes as well. People like you are depriving others of their legal right to watch news, information, and entertainment from elsewhere in Europe.
Top Jockey
People like me still use pigeons with soft feathers on their underbellys
Glenys L
The reason the Planning Website had more letters of support than opposition is that the Club obviously asked all its members to write in and support it. They then apparently sent their employees round to canvas local businesses. No one else was informed of this planning application other than the owners of a few nearby houses. Luckily they spread the word and now the objectors are catching up. Over a hundred people have now written in saying how much they treasure this oasis of greenery and what a wonderful location it is to play OUTDOOR sports. It is enjoyed by tennis players, cricket players, cyclists going down the Greenway, walkers, dog-walkers, families going to the Queen's Woods, children looking out from Highgate Wood School, not to mention the hundreds of families for whom this is a much-loved view from their homes. For all these people the health benefits of being amongst trees and greenery far outweigh the health benefits of just  a few members of one sports club.
Anne S
I noticed from the letters of support that there were a lot from businesses in Crouch End, which looked to me also that someone had been going round canvassing.

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