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Onion Seller in Market Place

Had to look twice in Market Place earlier today - actually saw an onion seller just outside Mondays' Child - strings of onions draped all over his bike.

Now he wasn't wearing a beret and I don't know if he was French - could this be the advance guard of a market of some sort?

All we needed was the accordian player and that would have set the scene - well if Exeter can have a German market at Christmas we can have a French one - no matter how small!


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Sidmouth Seagull inactive
There used to be an onion seller - who used to wear a beret and a bike with strings of onions - made life interesting!
Jackie G
Yes, still the occasional genuine  'onion johnny' comes over on Brittany ferries from Roscoff. Fantastic, mild and sweet pink onions!
Barnacle Bill
Brilliant - he must be based in a van or similar vehicle surely - he would need space to store his stock.

I hope he turns out to be the nucleus of similar ventures and Market Place can live up to its name.
Tell It As It Is inactive
'Onion johnny' ................ never heard them called that before.

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