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The Silver thing on mjaors corner.

Anyone know whats going to happen to the old silver odeon building on majors corner?? I would've thought some company may have turned it into a night club and maybe had to or three different music genres, so to cater for all ages and tastes.. just my idea what would you like to see happen to it ????


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Reg S
Paint it and turn into oap drop in
James M
Multi-storey car park!
Mr Fruitgum
Pretty OAP drop in with a multi story car park.  who says you cant please everyone.
Dozey M
Next door is the Regent. On the first floor is a wonderful music venue, dance studio, drop in center, or community theatre to encourage young talent..

It could be all of those things, if our Dimwitted Council had a decent thought between them. Left to them, the Regent  will go the way of the Spa at Felixstowe!

It's already all there all it needs is an easier direct access from the street. Remember when you could Dance there 6 nights a week.. Now it's a dirty unkempt poorly stocked bar, used only when there's a show on..

As for the "Silver Rocket". Knock it down and lay out a nice garden. Some hope eh?
S F inactive
The location is bang on centre of Ipswich so can't understand why its been left to rot?  And such a new building as well, what a waste of money!  I agree with everybody on here so far, not bothered really what they use it for, just wish they'd get on with it.  Ipswich desperately needs something to give it the 'Wow' factor right now and with a lot of passing traffic, this could be the perfect spot for it to happen and get Ipswich noticed for the right reason at last.
Tim M
i think a few company have been interested sure  a few years ago they actually advertised for staff for a leisure venue there but nothing came of it ...
I think parking is an issue for it , and im sure there is a very good reason it can not be torn down , also does anyone know if there are ever going to do anything with the former distiction/sound accadmey /laser quest building ???
Peter B
As this was a multi screen cinema I cannot understand why the old T.J.Hughes in the Buttermarket has to be turned into a cinema, why could this have not been re-opened. It has car parking now close by in the old carribean club premises.Perhaps this council should consider these options before granting planning for his cinema.
Reg S
parking you can now they pulled down the T A centre its now a CARPARK
Jenny A
Unhappily the Buttermarket Centre is itself sadly in need of tenants so no surprise the council will allow an arguably superfluous cinema. Again a short term fix.As for the Odeon site well yes something for us 3rd agers who as we are always being told are on the verge of swamping the place.
I walk past it most days looks so sad seeing it with windows all boarded, and looking filthysurley someone could come up with a plan for it.. Any money on someone turning it into flats, as we could do with some in ipswich, what with there being a shortage ....ha ha haha
Heather O
How about a youth club/ creative activity drop in for under 18's ( no alcohol) . Those who want to go out rather than going to friends? unless well off enough to pay for films etc. Are often tempted to use alcohol for entertainment, as cheaper.?
James M
I think the trouble with drop-in centres etc is they're not financially profitable, so we're asking IBC to fund it in these austere times.

Is there perhaps scope for opening it as... gosh.. a cinema, and give that overpriced one down on Cardinal Park some competition ?
Holly P
This building always reminds me of a ship. Maybe it should be a tourist information centre focussing on the watery side of things in our area ie the rivers and marinas.
James M
Here is the only photo I can find of the part of the street where the Odeon now is.  From the 60s by the looks of it

There used to be a major garage there. Big luxury cars. Botwoods & Mann Egerton. The premises stretched right through to Woodbridge Road where there was petrol forecourt and a ramp to the upper level. The bottom of Woodbridge Rd was two-way then!

The Odeon was designed to look like a luxury liner with a modern Art Deco feel. Some nice pics and comments here
S F inactive
Brilliant photo, I can just remember Mann Egerton being there next door to the Coachbuilders.  Love the quality of the shop with rounded glass and wooden exterior.
Reg S
it goes to show that NOBODY cared if you walk on the left side what left now  the church  or a place of worship  . i stared my working life at Mann Egertons where the strange looking pool is      not a very nice job but in those days if you do not like it you could move on which i did not like the poor  b%%%%rs today my son is a service engineer  tap showers etc now 18 months looking a decent job..
Reg S
and so so all of   when i was a kid 1936 there was the EMPIRE   CENTRAL  PICTURE HOUSE   ODEON RITZ ( met the wife there  57 year ago)   REGENT there was one call Paul's   i think just before my time  i am not all the signs were in capitals so i still remember them as they were

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