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cat gone missing corton village

Hi, my daughter's Burmese cat has been missing for 3 days in Corton village, mill rd near the white horse pub area. He's a small male Burmese, dark brown face, feet and tail, champagne body, his name is dexter and has a strange but distinctive loud cry, he is also micro chipped. Please can you check sheds, greenhouses etc. Any news to please phone Hazel his owner on 07791138954. Thanks.


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Fiona D
Cat been found safe and well
Stella H
That's great news!
Joanne S
Great news, bless him :)
Gill L
Brilliant that you found him, I just love my burmese, they are such characters and our fellow flew back with us from New Zealand! He loved every minute.
I'm with Hemsley Heatcare
Fiona D
The little devil had gone on one of his adventures, everybody in corton village knew of him, seems he's made new friends since she moved there in July, thanks to the girls in Warners holiday village who he visits for milk etc, we were able to track him down to azure seas caravan site were he had loads of friends feeding and looking after him, seems he's going there for months unbeknown to us. He's been grounded for a few days lol and his collar is back on.

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