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Dog fouling in the colonies

John R in Cockwood


I am fed up with inconsiderate dog owner that leave their foul droppings in our service lane. Last year I got so that fed up with it because there were 38 piles! that I started a petition in a hope that with a number of signatures we can have more power, I had a great response from all the residents.

I have contacted the local police and was informed it is a “by law and that they are powerless” and in fact if I was to witness it and approach the offender I could be cautioned for breaching the public order act!

I have visited the local town hall in Exmouth and used their phone to ask for advise regarding CCTV footage and if I would happen to have any infringement on tape what actions will they take, I would even cover the cost of the equipment. I do understand that the cameras can only cover my property.

I have yet to get a response, all I need is advice.

It would be great to deal with this problem and with partnership I believe we can.


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