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Kitchen fitter

We are getting our kitchen re-done and have found a Wickes kitchen we want - looking for a local tradesman to fit it. 
Any recommendations?


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Queen G
pls contact Jay on 07956839419 a builder and perfectionist.  ref: rani  thanks
Tracy G
contact Dave Fenson 07939 344683  Trade Carpenter very competitive.
Lyn J
Contact Tony Solley - Plumbchoice on Tel: 07861 306 033,  Beckton based,  specialising in kitchen & Bathrooms, plus gas safe registered. lots of local recommendations on request
David B
call the kitchen pack company as we have authorised fitters. very cheap.  Also have you already bought your kitchen as We at the kitchen pack company can beat any quote and style with a much better quality.
David B
Call me on 07590420334.  I could save you hundreds of pounds.  You can visit my website  we are a local family run business with direct links to the kitchen suppliers.
David B
Call me on 07590420334.  I could save you hundreds of pounds.  You can visit my website we are a local family run business
Lin F
Hi all,

Not been on here for a while.  Does anyone know of a good tiler for a small job in my kitchen in East Ham?  Looking to get it done in the next couple of weeks and want somone who is competent and reasonable.  Thx
David B
Do you know the square meters of what needs to be tiled do you have the tiles?
Lin F
Hi David,

I aim to order the tiles this week.  I don't have the measurements with me, but looking to order 50 tiles. The tiles are larger than the standard square ones
David B
is it just one wall?  I know to people that are good so I just need a rough idea what we are talking about before hand.  One lives in near east ham the other one lives near dagenham they are both very good
Lin F
Thanks David.  Its two walls.  One is plasterboarded.  Do let me know of both contacts you have.

Patricia L
There is a web site called Rated People .com
I have used them for decorating and was very satisfied.
Lin F
Thanks Patricia, as the response to my request was rather slow, I did indeed to a bit of searching and logged onto a Workmen website and got someone local to the area who did the job for a £100 quid!  job well done and satisfied.

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