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Firewood for woodburner

Can anyone recommend a supplier of top quality seasoned hardwood (logs) suitable for a wood burner, who will deliver within the inner ring road?  Must have a very low moisture content.


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I'm looking for the same, but could collect... not looking for a large quantity, just a car boot full will be fine.... local to Thorpe ideally.
Bob B
try GUMTREE sure to be some one on there. possibly free.
Clare M
Try Roy from the Green Party.  He delivers a truck load at a time, its very dry and is all recycled - £70.  All money goes to the Green Party.  01603 811686.
Jeremy C
Thanks Clare - is he the chap with the 'bashed up' blue pick up truck, who puts the Green Party signs up?, I stop him next time I see him.
Keith W
ha ha , hope the wood is not GREEN ,
Clare M
Hi Jeremy,
Yes that's Roy!
Susan H
Hi Jeremy, we have a wood burner and use a company called Logs,Logs, Logs
But if you want them before Christmas i would be quick ordering them as they only have so many delivery slots available.

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