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Felixstowe superstore next to railway station

It would appear that the planning application for the proposed superstore on the land behind High Road West is about to be submitted. Having contacted the Solicitors acting on behalf of the developer, there were to be some 'adjustments' to the original proposal.   I sincerely hope that common sense prevails to reject this development in order to help preserve the small retailers of the town.


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Steve M
Well the planning application has been put in for the store at the railway station. It is on the SCDC website Reference no. C/12/2395.
Still the same size, still requiring parking for 300 cars and I would urge any Felixstowe residents to look at the proposed traffic plans.
Basically HGV's will negotiate the Garrison Lane junction diagonally to exit the site...!?
It also seems to be straight into a consultation stage which finishes on the 27th December.
For the benefit of the towns future, I respectfully request that any reader of this, visits the website to see the impact this will have.
Thank you
Reg B
If it brings some competition for the co-op i'm all for it.
Elizabeth A
I am sick to death of all people can talk about is the all shops, they with survive, they always do we need a decent shop in Fx, it won't affect Russel Smith or glyph may b Tesco but it is useless anyway. Look at the bigger picture. Name the shops it will affect, yhrre r more that it won't. Move on
Michael R
With all due respect Elizabeth do you actually know what is going on in Felixstowe town centre? Shared space has killed the volume of people in the town. All of us can see that, go to stowwmarket or sudbury or woodbridge and there is life unlike felixstowe.  The problem is not what any out of town store will sell its the potential drop in footfall could actually finish of many of the independent stores as they already have a critically low level of shoppers and mammoth rates which is knocking them out one by one.  Do you know a lot of the national chains have not replaced staff that have left and have reduced working hours contracts in Felixstowe specifically?  Despite saying this I personally believe the plans for this supermarket in town is a far better proposal than the Tesco option and I am actually for it. The developers  said that there will be a minimum of 2 hours free parking which could mean people go into hamilton road. They also said it is a food store which like Reg says will get co-op to be more price conscious
Elizabeth A
I have in Fx for 30 years so I ought to know what is going on.. I hate the shared space, but we do need another decent supermarket, Morrison s is very basic and Tesco is worse, the co - op is too dear. At the end of the day the council will do what wants regardless of what the public say..
Michael R
I have also been in Felixstowe 28 years. There is a difference between assuming what is going on and actually talking to those shops affected by shared space and asking them for an off the record honest opinion.

My wife works for a national chain and the vibe they get from area manager that within 18 months they will be shut down unless there's a big increase in footfall.

I do agree with you regarding a decent supermarket, I'm hoping that the station one is approved and will be sainsburies.

I also completely agree about the council, they are too pig headed to admit the shared space is unpopular and harming town.
Marc T inactive
Well ... the biggest retail extravaganza of the year is upon us.  I sincerely hope I'm wrong, but I predict that most shop owners could fire cannons down the Shared Space with no danger of hitting someone.  

I expect to see more empty shops in January, whilst the Council continue to trumpet the "Success" of the Shared Space, as measured by the number of parking tickets issued.

I'm a Fx n00b, but even in the four years I've been here, I've noticed a dramatic decrease in Hamilton Road footfall.  I don't think building big supermarkets will have an impact on that footfall - neither up nor down.  What FX needs is more INTERESTING small shops - small, one-man start-ups selling non-food items.  That isn't going to happen whilst Business Rates are prohibitive.
Michael R
Well said Marc.

I guess we will all have to wait and see what impact a supermarket has, ive no doubt one of them will get the go ahead. I hope you are right about footfall, I doubt anyone would have predicted the impact shared space had so its just a waiting game on the future of our town.

Like you say I would imagine January will see more bad news on high street, it does always happen just after the quarterly rent period. I have been into Hamilton road today and for four weeks before Christmas it is shockingly empty and surprised how many of the big stores are in sale one again.
Elizabeth A
Michael R it is u that is assuming now. I Havre spoken' 2 several shop owners and I know exactly what is going on. I used to work for citizens advice so I am well up on what is happening in r township
Elizabeth A
Eerily have had various small shops years ago most of which have closed down. We do need a decent food shop like Sainsbury. Through now Wsitrose is s treat to go to
Elizabeth A
Have u thought that another reason people are not in town is because money is tight. Every one is feeling the pinch these days
Marc T inactive
Of course I'm aware of the economic climate.  However, Felixstowe residents generally are not feeling the pinch as badly as (say) Ipswich.  Look at the number of new cars around ...
And yet, certain shops in Ipswich are rammed full.
It's about attracting the sorts of businesses that attract the sort of people who want to spend money - in that sense, the supermarkets are irrelevant, because EVERYONE buys food, so it doesn't matter where they are sited. 
What is important is to attract small, independent shops to Hamilton Road - personalised shops, which offer service and unique ranges of products.  Unfortunately, these sorts of businesses tend to be speculative, and in the current economy, only the very brave will take on the huge business rates required in High Streets.
Until a policy change is introduced, we are destined to see all our shopping streets decline.
Michael R
I am talking from personal experience and understand all to well what is going on in town.
Having relatives working in an independent and my wife working in a national, I hear the real truth. It is all very raw and close to home, hence why i may sound ultra passionate and defensive.
Not many shops are going to tell a member of the public how bad it is.

I agree with you completely and like you would love a Waitrose or Sainsburies and more food choice with in the town centre.
It would cut my out of town shopping.
I would also love a Deli, it is something I could see working well, and would compliment the other independent food stores we have, which I have to say we are lucky to have opened relatively recently

As to people watching their finances I also agree times are tough, but we have to be careful not to blame everything on recession. We have to listen to traders who are saying weekday trade is dramatically affected compared to weekends. What I would say to that is why after 4pm is felixstowe deserted?
In my wife's shop they have cut hours so very few work after 3pm. They have also not replaced 3 staff that left because it is so quiet.

The fact is the felixstowe shop is under performing compared to other stores in the region.
I would surmise from this that something is different in felixstowe compared to other similar towns.
This cannot just be felixstowe is hit harder by recession than similar towns can it? Maybe it is?

One final point is this is all irrelevant arguing the cause the fact Is if trade in felixstowe is suffering does it matter what the cause is? what is needed is solutions to make felixstowe a thriving town again.
Michael R
Marc, I'm worried now I agree with you again!
I have been to Ipswich, Stowmarket, Woodbridge very recently and the towns were busy. Felixstowe is not, that is a simple fact and clearly visible for all to see.
We are lucky here in that the docks are still a huge employer and they are still paying overtime which boosts wages.
I do think this has given us a little less recession impact.
Elizabeth A
New cars don't mean a thing. I was in Needham market a few weeks ago and it was fairly busy. Woodbridge has got its s hare of charity shops. I lived there in the 70s it was really buzzing then.
Marc T inactive
Elizabeth - the fact that there are a lot of new cars in Felixstowe is VERY significant.  It shows that the residents do have plenty of of disposable income - they're just choosing to dispose of it on shiny metal, rather than spending it in Felixstowe.  

Now if Fx had  BMW, Range Rover and Lexus dealerships on Hamilton Road ...
Janet H
Well I have not liked the shared space from the start how can you share a space with a car, the driver gets annoyed because the people wont get out of the way quick enough, and the people get annoyed having a car coming up behind them, you often can't hear the car engine because they are going slowly.It is just a mess neither one thing or the other, and I think that puts a lot of people off.No pleasure walking round the town anymore.
Elizabeth A
Janet, I agree 100% I must admit I rev my engine if people don't get out of the way, they soon move! !
Jonny A
wonder if that carpentry biz by the garrison lane lights will go. its not beautiful,ramshackle yes But its always interesting to see woodworking in progress there as i drive past. Supermarkets are never interesting to look at by comparison,soulless places with nothing much to see
Emma E inactive
Yes the sheds will go.this area is supposed to let the service lorries out from the store onto high road west? Day and night.who wants to listen to that.
Marc T inactive
To be honest Emma, no-one in Planning actually cares what happens to the locals.  If inconvenience and annoyance were taken into consideration, then 99% of all developments would never start.

For example - I live opposite the new development on the South Sea Front.  We protested strongly - saying the new houses would block our view, create extra traffic and the FOUR year build would force people to leave their homes.  Here we are, six months in, and 3 houses are empty (rental properties, where the residents have fled) and 2 more are up for sale.  There's only 23 houses in the street ...  So within 6 months, 25% of the locals are voting with their feet.  Me, I'm sure I'll be gone within the year too.  I just hope the Town Council will pay back some of their bungs to compensate the town for the loss of revenue from all these people leaving.
Tim S inactive
Not wishing to dis you, Marc, but in 6 months those houses will be sold and giving new owners homes they like, or have new tenants . . . It's just change, happens all the time, and will contine to do so.
Emma E inactive
I agree mark.what is the old saying? Not on my doorstep.
Marc T inactive
I totally get that Tim ... (assuming that they are able to sell houses on a flood plain for £295,000 a pop).  I'm no NIMBY - the point I was trying to make was that local residents' "quality of life" is not a consideration when planning applications are considered.

(Speaking personally, I don't give a sh1t about the development - I bailed from house ownership many years ago, precisely BECAUSE of these sort of situations.  If we get fed up living next to a building site, we can move somewhere else inside a few weeks.  The freedom and flexibility of being a tenant...)
Elizabeth A
Well said Tim, no names mentioned but I think they have sad livers if all they can do is bitch and complain, live a little u must be so miserable to live with. You r along time dead and you will end up that way as ur blood pressure must bring so high. I though this site would be more light hearted and in fact I am beginning to feel quite depressed with it now.

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