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any recommendation please,ive been trying for over 2 years to get the royal bank of scotland to give us the proof that my son was a eifst time buyer when we got a morgage between us,and as i signed 49% of my half over to him as im now 63 and he was a supervisor on the rigs untill he became ill in april 2010 they have given us nothing but unansered letters and when they did reply it was bullshit,(excuse me) but it makes me so mad they take money left right and centre in charges and nothing in return,i desparatly need to prove it was his first morgage  any ideas please ray p


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Tracy C
Citizens advice bureau should help or go to banking omnebusman (excuse spelling) they should be able to offer sdvice
Jo J
Write to Watchdog, they love this sort of thing
i would say you need to check who needs to have the edvidence, whether you need to prove they are wrong or they need to prove you did sign, this would depend upon the legal argument. the only option i can see is if they are not responding is to get legal advice, or to educate yourself, at least then they would lisen. also an additonal note if you still have that document it would help alot as you could also go down the line of ''breach of contract'',
another website you could use which is very good at giving advice of matters like this is legal begals

hope this helps
Raymond P
thanks everyone im 63 and not too well so acting for myselfs out the morgage is over £500 a month and its the d w and pensions they wont help him with the payments so ive been using my mobility money to top up his payments and bills,but what happens when im not here,?its also caused enormes rows and the r b of scotland have been (i cant print what id like to) uncooperative,even there executive in edinburgh have replied with a load of bull,its got so i cant sleep for thinking about it,i realy thought they were better than that but it seems not,dont get me wrong its not the local branch they are great but the morgage centre thats another thing,,anyway thots another matter,anyway thanks
Raymond P
jo j thanks already did got a postcard back,they said if they ever do a prog on it they will contact me,great isnt it,,but thanks for trying
Jo J
If your son is receiving state assistance then he needs to go to the job centre speak to an advisor regarding interest payment assistance. The state will pay the interest on a mortgage for two years but he has to meet the criteria. Also has he applied for council tax assistance, he could get three quarters of his tax paid. Are you also claiming everything you are entitled to....pension credit, remember you can claim this even if you have savings, council tax assistance, are you on the correct rate of attendance allowance, are you entitled to care and mobility eliments. Getting a bank to listen, in the current climate will not be easy, has your son considered renting a room togenerate some extra income..? I know this does not answer your initial question but it might generate some financial assistance.
Raymond P
thanks joj ive done all this thats who we need to prove it to ive tried everything thats why i put it on here,i cant live here any more and ilm waiting to see if the council can find me somewhere,its caused upsets and im too old and to ill to keep doing this thats why i asked for any ideas on here,thanks anyway ray p

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