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Art Gallery in Ilford

Would you be in favour of having a public art gallery in Ilford for artists and the community?
  • 91%
  • 9%
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Total votes: 22

I'm with Art Gallery


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Peter C
It would be nice to see one in all main shopping areas especially as there are empty shops as these could be used.
Alan B

In the foyer of the Kenneth More Theatre they sometimes have pictures for sale by local artists

Also I believe sometimes Valentines Mansions have art exhibitions.

Any way that would be a good venue for a permanent site.

Derek L
There is the Wanstead Art Trail (usually in September to coincide with the Wanstead Festival - where I have a stall), where local artists display their work in shops, pubs etc, every year. My wife stil has some mosaics on show at the Cuckfield pub). This year will be the 3rd or 4th Trail (sorry I lose track of time!)
Peter W

Dear all. For those who have contributed so far a massive thanks. - More comments, response and votes needed. 

I am writing to you with the hope of gaining written support for a proposal to build a Christian/Non-Christian public Art gallery with some links to St Margaret’s Church in Ilford. The gallery will be located off the main road near Ilford Station and will aim to open around September 2014.

Our aim is to demonstrate via written support that there is a need for an art gallery in close proximity of Ilford town centre. With your backing we will be able to acquire funding and then regenerate a unused Brown field site into a public art gallery for the community of Ilford, Redbridge and East London.

The gallery will annually and quarterly display artistic pieces; paintings, sculpture, photography and other eclectic works created by established and up-and-coming artists, University/College students, High School and Primary school pupils. The Gallery will also provide some free training and drawing/painting classes as well as digital media training.

Finally, I would appreciate it if you could email me a letter of endorsement. If you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact me. I look forward to your response.

Cheers, P Williams

I'm with Art Gallery
Margaret H
We already have facilities in the Kenneth More Theatre, Valentines Mansion, Whitechapel Art Gallery, Valence House,
James B
Peter W (Ilford) I am a little puzzled by the qualifier  of 'Christian / non-Christian' Art Gallery in your proposal  as I thought that art knows no boundaries?
One only has to look up at the ornate stonework on some of our older buildings and at the Hindu temples to appreciate the art of the stone craftsmen
I favour art in all venues ..I was particularly impressed with Leicester Hospitals that exhibited pieces in most of the corridors when i lived there ( without any apparent infection risk ) and I believe it reached a point where the value of the paintings was well beyond the intial investment in buying them. 
Alan B
I too was puzzled my the Christian / non Christian aspect. I did not know that one’s religion was a criteria to be an artist.

Margaret H, Whitechapel Art Gallery and Valence House are not in Ilford.

And I agree with Peter C it would be better to see an art gallery in an empty shop rather than it being left empty or turned into a charity shop, will add an extra interest to an area. It seems unfortunate that once a shop closes down it has a knock on effect on neighbouring businesses and can make an area seem run down and deter people from visiting that part of town.
I think it's better to DISPLAY art in places where people already go.  We have some venues already, as mentioned in other messages.  Suggestions for more?

Art classes are good. Considering the realities of this area's cultural mix however, it might be better if ALL religious groups kept clear.
Alan B
With the regeneration of Barkingside, I would like to see any empty shop,
in the High Street, turned into a temporary art gallery.
Alan H
The new Barkingside Town Centre manager, paid for out of the Better Barkingside Boris grant, wants to do an Art Trail similar to the one held in Wanstead, as well as lots more. We'll try to get her along to our AGM to say a few words ... or maybe the May coffee morning.
I'm with Barkingside 21
Alan H
There will also be art exhibitions from local art groups at this year's Fun in the Park, Barkingside Rec, on 22nd June 2013.
I'm with Barkingside 21

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