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Does anyone know of any kittens for sale or rescue in the area?


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Anne E
I know a family in Ashby who often have kittens. I will find out if they have any at the moment.
Lindy J
Also Great Yarmouth Cat Rescue have more cats & kittens than they can find foster or permanent homes for, so are always grateful for anyone to approach them. Facebook: Cat Gt Yarmouth Rescue.
June P
      Sarah S
         country cats have lovely one   and only round the corner

                elaine 01502   57 45 62       if you email me i can send you

pictuures of then   as i know she has 27 as they recue them
     june P
Sarah S
Thanks Lindy and Jane much appreciated!
Sharon Ward
I have rescued 4 cats from the RSPCA. They are always looking for new homes. My 2 youngest kittens were from a litter of 4 and the other 2 were with a lady in carlton colville. Please consider a rescue pet first. They will be vaccinated, frontlined, wormed and spayed or neutered for you. Cats are £35 I think and kittens £45. You can see some photos on the website before you go out to choose from a foster home.
Good luck and I hope you find a pet to love.
Sarah S
Where is the RSPCA rescue centre Sharon is it the one in Yarmouth ?
Sharon Ward
It is in Lowestoft high street near Howards estate agents and opposite Westgate.
Helen K
Ahhhh cool u and dad r getting a cat cute xxxx
Kim P they have lots of cats in desperate need of lovely homes. and as do great yarmouth cat rescue. faye howard who runs it is on facebook. :)
Debs S
there is a woman on facebook that wishes to rehome some
Gina N
i know someone who would like to rehome one in gorleston if any help

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