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Dog Fouling

Walking down Manstone Lane this morning I see the banks either side full of dog fouling bags. Cant understand dog owners going to the trouble of picking up the mess only to throw on some ones land. About time they brought back the dog license.


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Pat Fig!
Hello Sidford Pete! Yes, I totally agree with you. As a very responsible dog owner, it too infuriates me when I see those bags littered around - sometimes even hanging from trees! Not sure what to suggest (apart from something painful!!).
Hang them up on the trees and give their dogs to a responsible dog owner.
Sidford Pete
Quite agree with you Phil, asked the Town Council if  they would put a bin in the lane only to be told yes if we paid for it. If they brought back the license that could pay for the bin and the clean up.
Not sure that would help, the irresponsible owners would prob not buy one anyway.
How do councils in other areas fix the problem?
Naomi N
In  Switzerland one has to pay £100 per year for a dog licence and £100 every year onwards.  Hence mostly responsible dog owners.  Also every dog bin offers free bags.  Due to the caring and loving attitude of the owners they and their dogs are welcome in almost all the retail shops, restaurants and cafe's. Why are we always so behind sensible in making changes for the better!?
Sidford Pete
Thank you Naomi N
Having watched dogs learning how to drive on TV I wonder if we could teach them to train there owners how to us the wast bin.
Tom Putt
I believe there is an £80 fine for dog fouling available locally, perhaps if this was used more it would cut down the problem!  

'May' was asking how other councils fix the problem a good example can be seen here:  hope link works!
Sidford Pete
Thanks for that Tom Putt, yes that is what this council should be doing, sent he Town Council an email but no answer so far (must be on tea break)
Tom Putt
Hey Pete, should be interesting, will watch with interest, good on you, support is here and ready!!!
Sidford Pete
The Town Council emailed me today to say that the District Council they will look into placing a bin at the entrance of the lane. What we need then is a training course for the dog owners so they know what the bin is used for.
Jan J
Hi Pete.
That would be good , maybe they could also put a couple more bins up at Stowford,now we have  ever expanding housing up here the only bin is down over Stowford Hill .
Ian P
Jans got a point , more of these bins needed everywhere , the dog owner should pick up after there dog is true, but no dog owner would enjoy there walk if they have to go hunting for bin,or carry poo around with them until they locate these bins
Sidmouth Seagull inactive
Where I 'nest' you see people walking their dog on the grass paths, they look around, to see if anybody is around and I make myself known.  The responsible ones just pick it up, without looking around.

Having said that Sidmouth is far better than most other seaside towns.
Ian's point regarding no dog owner would enjoy their walk if they have to go hunting for a bin ..... it comes with responsible dog ownership so have a plan. Carry a poo tin in your rucksack if you are away from bin areas. No smell no problems. We carry an old coco tin with us sometimes and it works a treat. Not quite hot chocolate though !  People who bag it and then throw the bag into the bushes because they do not want to hold onto it are even worse than the people who do not pick up at all. If you do not care about the the environment you live in then go and live somewhere else.
Sidmouth Seagull inactive
I do sometimes get people putting their dog's waste in my wheelie bin!  Which is cheeky.
Ian P
I am not a dog owner but please tell me , r these bags not biodegradeable ? I know they look bad but surely it's better than having to tiptoe around piles of it or even children possibly going blind ????
Sidford Pete
Ian P
They are used to pick up your dog mess and the put into a dog wast bin, I don,t think you would be happy if they were thrown on your land and if you had a child out playing in the garden for it to play with it.
Tom Putt
Two of the five letters in Midweek herald yesterday were on this subject;

One from the owner of Billie the Jack Russell calling the offenders "Selfish Idiots who spoil things for everyone" and suggesting the paper do some "naming and shaming" along with photos.  

The other, with a similar conclusion came from an L Garner, who says it is all getting out of hand and something just has to be done about the problem, and offenders need to be fined and named, if you know who they are it should be a case of "shop 'em and stop'em"

Dogs' mess - the story that just runs and runs!
The dog bags might be labelled biodegradable, but they take over a 100 years or more to melt down,, so real health hazard left in trees and not good for wild life
Ian P
Thanks daffie ! N Pete not sure if u actually read my comments properly,I am against dog poo being left anywhere bag or not,and my land is 8ft square, and yes I would prefer as bad as it seems -my children to come across bagged poo rather than it not be , It's a shame that when these bins are used that in the summer the council can't be assed to empty them, so more bins and name and shame people who affender, .
Sidmouth Seagull inactive
I am a dog lover - but cats also cause problems in other neighbour's gardens!

You don't seem to get the outcry regarding cats.  We had four cats living next door to us once and my dog was not impressed when they came into our garden to do their business.  They covered it up.  We also had cats when I was a child at home - but the welcome of a dog when it knows and trusts you (even if it is not your own) warms the heart.

I do think Dogs do get a bad press and some of the waste you see I think is Foxes.   My dog used to roll in it and looked pleased with herself.  Mr Seagull and I had to educate her that we liked her like she was and not a Fox in Dogs Disguise!

I am against Dogs being allowed in cafes/restaurants because I know how much hair my dog shreds - but it is my dog, in my home, in my kitchen.
Pining Lass
I love cats and dogs :-)

I think you could be right about the fox input, but if you inspect carefully it is different (as is hedgehog poo) and if it belongs to a fox there is a completely different smell though not as rank as fox urine YUK.

And no I am not a weirdo spending my time going round investigating animal waste LOL
Sidmouth Seagull inactive
Pining Lass

It is the stench of my dog when it is Foxes, but what about Badgers?  I am not at all knowledgeable with waste.
As a scatological expert may I agree that fox faeces smell horrible.
According to British Trust for Ornithology - Fresh fox droppings (known as scats) are black with a characteristic odour. They often have a characteristic twist in them, which helps distinguish fox droppings from those of dog.
And here is a useful site (no 'h') about such matters.
Re poo bags versus as it is ... Ideally dog poo should be put in a poo bag and put in a poo bin, failing that ,take it home in the poo bag and take it to your nearest poo bin next day ... Or failing that if you are miles in the middle of the country..kick it to one side and no doubt some fox will eat it ....or let it disintegrate naturally ,,, not have it hanging there for next 100 years

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