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juice carton recycling

Hi all I know we have had this conversation on here before about tetra pack juice carton recycling as I was going past caister recycling centre I had some bits and pieces I called in and checked the situation on juice cartons and yes they are put in with cardboard so I asked the question why could we not put them in our green bins as they was being mixed at the centre no one seemed to know or care so I emailed the town hall they promptly answered my query and here is the email see what you make of it ---

The recycling that is placed in the green bin is sorted by the Main Recycling Facility at Costessey along with the kerbside recycling from all the other districts in Norfolk . They have established stable end- markets for each of the materials and all of the materials have destinations within the UK.

 Unfortunately they are unable to accept the cardboard juice cartons (or tetra Pac’s) as they are a mixture of two materials and to maintain the price that they receive for sending this recyclate to our end destination it must be pure (cardboard only). The paper banks that you see dotted about the borough are also unable to accept these cartons for the same reason.

In 2011 the separate container for the cardboard beverage cartons was removed from Caister recycling centre (which is operated by Norfolk County Council) and because they have negotiated separately with their end destination, they are now able to accept a mix of materials.

I understand that this is not an ideal situation as we would like to make it as easy as possible for our residents to recycle and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for taking the trouble to recycle your cartons through Caister.


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I sometimes wish the council would remember they're not writing internal memos when they reply to their constituents.

So basically what they're saying is "Don't put your tetrapac cartons in the green bin as we don't have the facilities to recycle them. If you wish to recycle them then take them to the tip as they're using a different 3rd party to sort it out".
Des T
Thank you John F!        I have wondered why drinks cartons go into the cardboard receptacle at Caister  but can't go in the green bin.    But I didn't bother to find out, although        I am a keen re-cycler - we can't keep gobbling up the earth's resources and ignoring the consequences - in fact we sometimes have more in our green bin than the grey one, much to our neighbours amazement.     Admittedly we are retired so (theoretically) have more time to do things.        We very rarely throw any food away - I grew up during the war when food was in short supply and in any event it seems totally WRONG        Des
Roy T
Well at last I know not to place our drink carton's in the green bin. We are the same as DesT we put as much food waste etc into our composter for our allotment, and strive to keep our rubbish to a minimum. Look like we shall be adding to the pollution problem wih trips to the tip to disspose of our cartons.
Tracie A
Sainsburys in Gt. Yarmouth has a recycling bin for cartons and, as an added bit of info, they also have a recyling bin for the economy type light bulbs. 

And I totally agree with all of Des T's comments, though I wasn't a war baby - food was in short supply growing up with money shortages - not unlike many families today no doubt. But aside from that 'we' must stop wasting stuff on any level, its just wrong.

Thank you Tim for finding out the additional info on carton recycling and taking the time to share.
Tracie A
My apologies - I should have said thank you  also to John F for finding out the details on carton recycling in the first instance - thank you John lol!
John F
Forgot to mention juice cartons can also be recycled at morrisons  in gorlestone .Also I never understand why the council don't let us know what and where recycling should go, all they have to do is put an updated recycling list in with the council tax bill or under the bin handle like other councils simple not much cost involved more recycling less to landfill and more money for the councillors to spend on blackberrys  and expenses ! job done lol .
Tracie A
Thanks John that's handy to know
Didn't know about Morrisons--great news as easy to get to. I was feeling so guilty putting the cartons in our black bin.

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