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Pop up Cafe

POP UP CAFÉ trial period only, coffee n tea’s and chat, at Castle Hill Community Centre, Highfield Rd, from 10am to 12.30 starts Thurs 7th Feb

Please feel free to pop in where ever you live, there is some off road parking and the nearest bus stop is Highfield Approach, just a couple of minutes walk away.

Good luck with this Streetlifers  

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Castle Hill Community Centre

Feb 07


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I will be there I would love to see this take off, my only worry is, how many streetlifers will have to be at work.
I appreciate your concern Watchful, yes, it can be a bit of a worry organising these things, but one of the reasons I chose a small venue is because it is a working day, and this is a trial period. Also, the cafe has been advertised to the wider community, so hopefully there will be a few others paying a visit too, so bring a friend if you like, he doesn't have to be a 'streetlifer'. These things often turn out better if they start small. So, see you at the cafe tomorrow then where you where you will find the best cheese scones ever !!

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