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man taken photos in park

i was in the jenny lind park on sunday afternoon.a man was taken photos of children near the tiolets near football pitch their.he had a brown cap and trousers it was about 12 o clock on sunday just gone it aint safe in the area when things happen like that in a park alot of children play their.


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Tony S
Why are you posting here? Report this to the police at 101. (or 999 if it's happening)
Exactly my words Tony
John R
I know people get very stressed about this sort of thing but chances are he was doing it quite innocently. People with ulterior motives do this sort of thing surreptitiously, and contrary to popular belief  if its in a public place its not illegal.
Helen B
As a parent I would challenge anyone taking a photo of my child without my permission. had I been in the park and it was evident that he was not with the children I would have challenged him.
It's not acceptable to photograph anyone without their consent.
I am not paranoid about my child's safety but I would definetly report all suspicious behaviour to the police.
Junior C
Where children are concerned, my motto is err on the side of caution. I had a police check done on one chap who showed uncommon intrest in my kids - asking where they lived after I told him I was separated etc.

 would hav challenged him and would have taken a picture of him too - with his permission, ideally.
Jeremy C
mmm... brown cap and trousers.  Sounds like a 'wrong un'. If you were that concerned why didn't you ask him what he was doing?
Jeremy C
...and what were you doing in the park, looking in the direction of the toilets?
Kevin T
i have told the police. andthey are going to trace it up and jeremy i was waliking though to suffolk square while he was doing it.i was wih friends and he had a brace on one leg on the knee aswell so i hope this person will get court soon.
my son got attack one nitte near a friends he ran up to him and hit him my son is 16 yrs old and he must of been in his 30s.but he must be a wrong un aswell.
Tim L
It's actually quite legal to take pictures of people in public, with or without their permission. Depending on the circumstances, it might be more acceptable to ask permission. Taking pictures of children, especially if you wear brown and it's near toilets (!), is certainly more questionable, and it would not be wrong to question it - and if unsatisfied with the response, to report it to police. But is's quite wrong to assume that everyone taking pictures in the vicinity of children has bad intentions.
Carol S
Yes, Tim, you are right, we should not assume everyone has bad intentions. But we are living in a world where we do assume , because it can be anyone we know, or don't know.  Jimmy Saville is an example.  My father used to be a park keeper in the 60's at chapelfield park, and the times he used to move people on for the things they were doing near children. Another reason to bring park keepers back.
Fitz W
Taking photographs of people is not illegal, as other commentators have pointed out. . A paedo is unlikely to put himself in a situation where he could be identified and, in any case, if using a telephoto lens, he doesn't even need to be near his potential victim. By all means be vigilant, whether they are your children or not, but go easy on the paranoia. I cannot see the significance of the colour of this man's clothing. Are paedos known to have a preference for brown? What about leg braces, prosthetic limbs, or maybe, wheelchairs? Suppose the children in this instance were known to this man and he was in fact keeping a benevolent eye on them. It seems that he wasn't asked, which is reminiscent of all those who 'knew' about Savile but said and did nothing. The man could have been taking photos of his grandchildren. Was he asked?
Jimmy E
well i certainly would have approached him and asked what the hell he thought he was doing and inform him that he should,nt really be taking pictures in or near a childrens play area
It seems some are reading too much into this; how does anyone know that he wasn't the father or grandfather of one of those children??????? But I suppose that if he had a brown cap and trousers on there has got to be something wrong with him, come on now, don't get carried away.
Gill K
Thanks to Fitz W and John N for voicing some reason!  When did wearing a cap and leg brace become a hanging offence?
Jeremy C
I quite agree Gill K, we can't all go round in a state of high alert assuming everyone's a walking crime waiting to happen - or make 'snap' judgements about people taking photo's :-)
Gill K
There are many examples that show we are all assumed to be criminals when going about our innocent daily business. To access your own bank account you are subjected to 6 'security' questions because it's assumed you're a fraudster. Travel by 'plane and you're searched as it's assumed you're a terrorist. Please people, don't let this mind-control take hold of you!
Carol S
Why would you want to take pictures of children? Taking pictures of people are one thing, and that's creepy enough. In my book you don't take pictures of children without permission. Would you allow your children to have their photo taken?
Fitz W
Carol S - I don't wish to turn this into my personal blog but why do you consider taking photos of children or adults creepy? Have you written to the council to protest about CCTV everywhere taking images of you and yours and certainly without your permission? If I video my grandchildren in the school nativity play, is that creepy and why? If the school refused to allow me to photograph my children on school sports day or in a nativity play I would respectfully tell the school that I did not want my child to take part. 'We all know' that fathers and grandfathers are perverts and should be CRB checked from birth. Better, bring back the ducking stool: if the man drowns he was innocent; if he survives he must be a pervert. Do you complain to the Sun about Page 3, or the soft porn video that is used to sell modern music to teenagers? I agree with Jimmy E above: if in doubt confront the picture taker, but politely. You might save yourself some embarrassment and quite possibly a court case.
David Meddings
At last some sense in this, not the camera you can see but the people watching you who you cannot see.
Kim W
My son goes to Bignold and we got a letter home saying about a stranger in the park. I however haven't seen anything dodgy yet but am always on lookout as we are regulars of that play area. I had heard that a man all in black tried to snatch a girl. Hopefully this gets sorted soon as its making me feel on edge, hate this area as it is...wish I could move!
Kim W
Also totally agree, Park Keepers need to come back!
Carol S
Maybe a petition to bring back park keepers needs to happen. Bet it will never happen. The powers that be will plead no money in the pot.
Hannah R
This sort of paranoia is exactly why men are reluctant to go into working with children.
Or maybe it was a father or other relative taking photos of their own children?
 Though to be fair, the sad truth is a father or step-father is the one most likely to abuse children. The strange man in the bushes is much rarer.
Guy P inactive

This was copied from the Police website.

Taking Photographs in a Public Place

This is not illegal and there is no law saying that you cannot take photos including (or even photos of) other people's children. An offence is deemed to be if the photos are indecent. Also the landowner's permission is needed to take photos from private land.

No one has the right to ask the photographer to stop, to ask for a copy of the photos or to get them to delete photos unless it is in relation to indecent images.

As police we have to be careful to get the balance right between protecting children and demonising those who are doing nothing wrong. If a caller has any legitimate concern about someone taking photos they should call the police, but if they are merely taking photos of a public area from another public area and there happen to be children in the photos, then who are we to assume that it is being done for sexual gratification. If someone is consistently doing it, then there could be an issue of harassment if the same subject is being used against their will.

Stanley C
I am afraid to talk to children except for the children next door who are lovely children.  Oh can I get into trouble for talking to them or saying they are lovely children?  It used to be O.K. to laugh at children and their antics but it is frowned on now.  Soon we will not be able to look about in  public because of the actions of the few.

I took a photo of a car parked leaving less than 2 feet of space to walk upon.
Should I be arrested for this action.

Lets not think that everyone is bad but just lets be cautious.

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