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"The bloke who took a dump on the pump"

Please read this article on the herald website. I'm gob smacked!!

What was he thinking!!


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Sidmouth Seagull inactive
And I was Hayley D

I got Mr Seagull to read it who do I know who is 76????????

It is a pity they did not name him, because the poor staff who had to clean up and witness him.

Is it a case of not messing on your back door?
Nick B
Was this a Protest about the Pie he just bought from said Garage :-)
Barnacle Bill
Sidmouth resident - 76 years old - needle in a haystack for anyone who wants to know who he is.

I often wonder why a lot of the visitors walk a bit funny along the prom - suppose its something we've got to get used to what with the toilets at the Triangle being closed for weeks.
I always fill up there. Staff are always very helpful and polite. Best garage in the area
Tell It As It Is inactive
Maybe the garage was introducing a new methane based fuel and he was simply adding to the stock.

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